100 deadliest days begin this weekend

Memorial Day weekend is shaping up to be a busy travel time in the Gem State. Idaho is about to enter the 100 Deadliest Days on Idaho roads- the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day when there is a spike in fatal and serious injury crashes. Seventy* people have been killed in crashes on Idaho roads so far this year- including the recent crash on US 20 in Bonneville County that tragically killed six people in one vehicle.

The Idaho Office of Highway Safety (OHS) is imploring drivers to be vigilant and drive engaged this Memorial Day weekend and all summer.

“We call this period the 100 Deadliest Days, but it would be great to be proven wrong. Make it safer out there for yourself and others by slowing down, putting down distractions, buckling up, and planning a sober ride home,” said OHS program manager Josephine Middleton.

While it would seem like winter is the most dangerous time to drive, driving is more dangerous in summer. This seems paradoxical. Why would roads be more dangerous in summer when weather conditions are better? During the summer more people are out of school or work, on vacation, and celebrating leading to higher rates of risky behavior behind the wheel like impaired driving, distracted driving, and speeding.

This summer OHS and its partners across the state will work together to remind people to make safer choices whenever they are on the road. Some of these activities will include partnering with law enforcement agencies to get dangerous drivers off the road, public awareness campaigns, and community outreach events.

“We have a lot of wonderful partners who help us make Idaho’s roads a safer place, but we can’t just rely on them,” Middleton said. “We can all do a better job of looking out for each other on our roads and make it safely through this summer.”

2024 Fatality information*:

  • 70 people killed in traffic crashes to date
  • 58 people in vehicles
  • 5 people on motorcycles
  • 4 people on foot
  • 1 person on a bicycle
  • 2 people on ATVs/UTVs/Etc.

2024 North Idaho fatalities by county:

District 1

  • Bonner – 2
  • Kootenai – 2
  • Benewah – 1
  • Boundary & Shoshone – 0

District 2

  • Nez Perce – 4
  • Idaho – 2
  • Latah – 1
  • Lewis – 1
  • Clearwater – 0

*All 2024 data is preliminary and subject to change.