Warrant issued for arrest of Jamesha Nevarez, aka Misha Davis

Misha Davis
Jamesha Naverez

An arrest warrant was issued today for Jamesha Nevarez, better known as Misha Davis, who was hired as CEO of the Bonners Ferry Seniors Center April l and fired May 31 after much controversy and exhibiting several bizarre outbursts.

She was arrested for trespassing after she reportedly went on a verbal tirade and refused to leave. She was also charged with resisting/obstructing arrest. She was booked into the Boundary County Jail and released later that evening after posting $800 bond.

At her arraignment hearing Friday afternoon, Kootenai County District Court Judge Timothy Van Valin noted “looks like everyone DQ’d themselves and put her in front of me,” meaning disqualified themselves, and he was just moments away from seeing for himself why.

After ascertaining her desire to have prosecutor Andrakay Pluid removed from the case for conflict of interest and appointing a Bonner County public defender to represent her but taking the disqualification of Pluid under advisement.

Judge Van Valin ordered Nevarez to undergo a competency hearing Nevarez as she went off on a tangent, claiming nearly everyone in public office was corrupt or out to get her.

He also ordered Navarez to abstain from drugs and alcohol and to get regular tests, giving her five days to begin, a deadline she missed today.

6 thoughts on “Warrant issued for arrest of Jamesha Nevarez, aka Misha Davis

  1. I would like to know what the Justice department is doing about the two women who were employed before her and who caused this whole mess.

    1. Believe they resigned and we probably wont hear a word about the problems at the center

  2. Last I checked Probation isn’t open Saturday and Sunday. Seems like they didn’t give her five days.

  3. Nobody is tracking down those responsible for the missing funds at the Senior Center, but yet they seem to be abusing the one woman who tried to do something about it. I’ve heard of the “Good Old Boys club”…but this is ridiculous……..we really need to get somebody from the outside to investigate this. Those that are suffering the most are the seniors, such as myself, that are forced to live in these run down and vermin infested apartments with no end in sight with this drama……Bonners Ferry should be ashamed of this situation and especially those who caused all of this prior to Misha Davis being foolish enough to take on the role of director. I wonder if this comment will see the light of day as my last comment was taken down from a prior article about this situation…….

    1. Maybe you should ask BFPD if there was actually ever any missing funds? I see this going down as … Misha came in and “volunteer,” and found all of these problems to make them “need” her. I’ll almost bet you, there is no missing funds, and the poor folks at the Senior Center were duped.

  4. Now I would like to know the name of the auditor who they just happened to find
    to auditor the books when they couldn’t find one for 2 years, which was the reason
    for closing the Senior Citizens center.

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