Work on Moyie Springs water main begins tomorrow

Updated 11:50 a.m. June 26 — Work will get underway tomorrow to repair and restore the Moyie Springs water system after a major line breach March 24 forced the system to be shut down. Residents and businesses on the system have been supplied by Three Mile Water since. The breech occurred on the steep slope behind the Idaho Forest Group Mill just above the city’s main well.

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality approved the city’s Emergency Water Main Replacement plan this morning, funded by the state’s Emergency State Revolving Loan Fund, to replace 1005 feet of 10-inch water main.

Construction is expected to take about two to three days, and then workers have to blow out the lines and submit samples for testing.

“We’d love to be online before the Fourth of July, city clerk Donna Wilson-Funkhouser said.u p