Restorium BBQ so perfect even the rain cooperated … for the most part

By Mike Weland
President, Restorium Resident’s Council

The rain held off long enough today to make for a pleasantly cool Community Restorium Annual BBQ, but came with a rush as the last of the cleanup and stow away was being finished, catching a few outside and soaking them before they could scurry through the door. Two intrepid young ladies made a mad dash from the dayroom to the gazebo at the height of the downpour, offered their choice if they would rescue the few remaining pie slices.

By their smiles of sheer joy as the drenched girls dug into their pie, the reward far outweighed sodden dash out out and back.

By all accounts, the affair was another grand success, a chance for people who haven’t seen one another for years to catch up.

“Do you remember me?”

“Why Ben Nystrom! I don’t think I’ve seen you since you were in high school!”

“The time sure goes. Tanya and I’ve been married 30 years now. Hard to believe.”

And he was little changed from the days long ago I’d corner him in the hall or on the field for a quote or a picture.

For Jeannie Robinson, president of the Friends of the Restorium, the group that organizes and hosts the BBQ each year, seeing moments like that are the best measure of the event’s success. It’s what, she said, community is all about.

Mark and Ted were there, recording an episode of their fun and informative podcast, Mark and Ted’s Idaho Adventure, available on Spotify.

Kevin Schnuerle, who retired Friday, was there and working as hard as ever, only today as a volunteer. Personal care assistant Eli Pine, whose fast-paced walks are a still growing legend in the community, appeared to be going twice his normal pace keeping up with all that needed done, yet his calm, serene demeanor never changed, his smile never wavered. Indeed, he looked to be enjoying himself just as much as anyone.

And it wasn’t just Kevin and Eli, but the entire staff joined by a large group of volunteers, all stepped up to the demands of the day with smiles and good cheer.

Excellent food, friendly smiles … a silent auction that featured an eclectic variety ranging from serious to silly was declared successful long before the bids were tallied and the most beautiful and tasty pies on the planet, each one demonstrating unarguably the skill and love of those who made … the best pie makers on the planet … earning high bids and worth every penny.

If you missed the Friends of the Restorium’s annual community BBQ this year, promise yourself you won’t miss it next year … yourself will be most happy with you!

On behalf of each of us who call the Restorium home, thank you to the Friends of the Restorium, to all who volunteered, gave, donated and/or contributed and to all who brought their smiles and high spirits to brighten our small community and to celebrate together a festival of what it means to be neighbors.