USPS rates going up in July

The United States Postal Service recently announced upcoming changes to their shipping rates, with two separate hikes going into effect in July. These changes will impact the cost of sending packages and letters.

Here’s the breakdown:

Effective July 1

  • Ground Advantage for packages under one pound (ounce-based) will see a small increase, averaging 0.2%, but some rates could go up by as much as 33 cents.
  • Ground Advantage for packages over 1 pound will have a 2% price hike, with individual rates potentially increasing up to $2.11.
  • Ground Advantage Cubic pricing will go up by an average of 3%, with some rates rising by as much as $1.67.
  • Priority Mail will see a 5% average increase, with some rates going up to $3.10 more.
  • Priority Mail Flats will have a 4% average bump, with individual rates potentially increasing up to $1.18.
  • The biggest increase is for Priority Mail Cubic, with a 10% average rise and some rates going up to $2.97 more.

Effective July 14

  • One-ounce First-Class Mail stamps are going up by 5 cents, from 68 cents to 73 cents retail. However, when using, you will receive the discounted rate of 69 cents.
  • Overall mailing service prices will rise by approximately 7.8%.