Nevarez remains jailed after initial hearing

JaMisha M. Nevarez
JaMisha M. Nevarez

Alleged threats against Boundary County Prosecutor Andrakay Pluid and her children, made to a probation officer administering a court-ordered urinalysis on a Bonners Ferry woman facing two recent misdemeanor charges being prosecuted by Pluid, are what landed controversial former Bonners Ferry Seniors Hospitality Center CEO Misha Davis, listed as JaMisha Michelle Nevarez in court documents and also known by a long list of AKAs, in jail Friday on $100,000 bond and facing up to $5,000 in fines and not more than five years in prison.

Due to obvious conflict of interest, charges were brought and the case will be prosecuted by Bonner County Deputy Prosecutor Sarah Hyde.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Nevarez had gone to the probation office in the Boundary County Annex Building at about 9:48 a.m. June 26 for a drug test. At about 10:14 a.m., Pluid, having been notified by chief probation officer Alisa Walker that a serious threat had been made against her, contacted Bonners Ferry Police.

Assistant police chief Jeremy Garrett responded to the probation office, interviewed staff and took into evidence a 35-minute audio recording of Nevarez, not only accusing and threatening Pluid, but saying that what she’s going through is in retaliation for her claims against Bonners Ferry Mayor and former police chief Rick Alonzo.

In her statement, Walker said she watched as Nevarez, clearly agitated, walked in and kicked the office door two or three times, then sitting on the bench outside. She said she waited a few moments before going to talk to her. When she did, she said Nevarez was visibly upset and crying, saying she “hated Andrakay.”

In the recording, Nevarez allegedly says of Pluid, “there’s a special place in hell for that crotch prosecutor,” and “I am on the verge of going down there and punching her in the face.”

She said she “is completely falling apart” and “on the verge of a nervous breakdown,” her mood swinging from “one extreme to the next” during the 35 minutes recorded.

“If I ever get the chance,” she exclaims at one point, I will rip her f*****g face off. I will f*****g mow her down. Oh my gosh, she has pushed me to the breaking point.”

“It is known to law enforcement that Nevarez is armed, and she keeps a firearm in her purse or on her person,” Garrett wrote.

“Based off the totality of the circumstances it is the affiant’s belief that Nevarez is threatening the Bonners Ferry Prosecutor to scare her and make her feel as though her life might be in jeopardy, and it is directly related to the current criminal cases that have been levied against Nevarez,” he concludes. “Therefore, the affiant requests a warrant for the arrest of Jamisha Nevarez for a violation of Idaho Code 18-l353 as well as Idaho Code 18- 915B.

“The charge of 18-915B is based on the statement provided by the victim Andrakay Pluid, it is apparent that she has developed a fear for her personal safety as well a the safety of her family due to statements made in open court by Nevarez about her children. Pluid has asked for extra patrol at the courthouse during times in which she will be coming and going to keep from being attacked. Based off Nevarez’s willingness to make these threats to the Chief Probation Officer of Boundary County it has developed a well-founded fear of an imminent threat to her safety and her family’s safety which is a violation of Idaho Code 18-901.”

At her initial hearing today before Judge Lori Meulenberg, appointed after Judge Justin Julian disqualified himself, Nevarez was appointed a public defender, bond retained at $100,000 and preliminary hearing set for 3:30 p.m. Friday, July 12.

She was remanded into custody of the sheriff and remains in jail.

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  1. Situations like this are what red flag laws are for. Remove her firearms before a tragedy occurs please.

    1. Absolutely take away her rights to having a weapon! As she’s threatened families from state to state! She is obviously mentally unstable and needs a psychiatric evaluation.

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