A Fourth to remember

2024 Bonners Ferry Fourth of July.
The well disciplined and razor-sharp members of the Bonners Ferry Civil Air Patrol led today’s parade.

By Mike Weland

If official records were kept, today’s 2024 Independence Day parade could quite possibly have swept multiple records … few in attendance recall one of its duration, its variety … its rebelliousness. Candy was thrown. Tires were squealed and engines revved to the point of auditory ecstasy . Sirens were sounded. It was quite possibly the best Fourth of July parade in Bonners Ferry history.

And I never heard how what I’ve long considered the best holiday parade in the nation, if not the universe, went … the ever fun Eastport Parade. Alas, I wasn’t able to go. Just another of the indignities of getting old. If anyone has pictures, I’d love to share them.

Here are a few of the excellent Bonners Ferry Fourth of July Parade I was able to take.

Troy Olson photo