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9B.News 2022 Primary Voter's Guide

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Commissioner, District #3

Ben Robertson

My name is Ben Robertson and I am running for Boundary County Commissioner, District #3. I grew up in Boundary County and have lived here ever since. I am the fourth generation of my family to reside on our farm in Paradise Valley, where I currently live with my wife and our two kids.

I am running for Boundary County Commissioner because I want to bring accountability and transparency to our county government. I want to create relationships and build bridges between all who live here and make Boundary County the best it can be.

As a Boundary County Commissioner, I would need to make fiscally responsible decisions that benefit the citizens of Boundary County. I would also strive to follow and/or create policies that will have a positive impact on the majority of residents living here.

As a lifetime Boundary County resident, I have felt both the joys and discomforts of living here. I understand that doing more with less is a Boundary County legacy. I grew up in the agriculture and forestry industries and currently operate our family ranch, so I understand what it takes to be fiscally responsible.

My volunteer work with various organizations in our community have helped me understand the time and hard work it takes to make our county a wonderful place to live. I currently volunteer with many different organizations in our community including the Paradise Valley Grange, the Technical Advisory Committee for the Agriculture Department at Bonners Ferry High School, the Bonners Ferry FFA Alumni, the Boundary County Fair Board, and the Bonner-Boundary Cattle Association.

I have a personal philosophy that a good idea is a good idea, no matter where it comes from. It does not matter to me if that idea comes from the left or the right. If there is something that benefits the majority of residents in Boundary County, without infringing on the rights of the minority, it is potentially a good idea that should be considered.

I have never claimed to have all the answers, nor am I naïve enough to think that I ever will. I strongly believe that if we can come together, then between all of us, I know we can create something great.

If elected, I will stand up for what is right and protect the interests of Boundary County and all its citizens. I encourage you to become educated on all the candidates running for each position, and I hope I can count on your vote on May 17. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at pvhay.cattle@gmail.com.

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