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Naples Precinct Committeeman


Dave Wenk

Hello, my name is Dave Wenk and I am running for another term as the Naples precinct committee for the republican party. I am currently the vice-chair and secretary for the BCRCC. I am a life-long republican who has voted in every election since I was 18. I believe the U.S. and Idaho Constitution are the law of the land. I believe that the core of Society is the family unit.

My family and I live in the Highland Flats area. I currently work for the county as the noxious weed superintendent. My children attended Naples Elementary, Boundary County Middle and High School.

I currently sit on the Boundary County Snowmobile Advisory Board as chairman, I am a member of the translator district board. I was a longtime volunteer for South Boundary Fire District and Boundary Volunteer Ambulance.

I am running unopposed but I felt compelled to write this letter as a lifelong Republican voter to make people aware why the central committee decided not to endorse candidates before the primary.

There are approximately 7,300 registered voters in Boundary County, let’s say 75-percent are republican. I can’t in good conscience decide to endorse a candidate as a committee member before the public has spoken. I don’t feel its right for six voters to decide for over 5,000 people. That sounds like back room politics.

We as a committee can’t properly vet candidates. We don’t have access to background checks or employment history. Many of the candidates are new to the area and don’t have a track record. How do you choose to endorse a candidate with six people, 3 plus 1, so 4 people decide? What if its split 3 to 3?

There are some candidates running for Boundary County precinct committee who want the committee to endorse them. This is a bad idea.

The argument is that people don’t know who to vote for and need endorsements to help them know how to vote.

The committee already helps by having forums, Lincoln Day dinners, a booth at the fair, and monthly meetings where candidates are always welcome to speak. Each monthly meeting, we have elected officials report. County commissioners, clerks, treasurers, state reps and senators are usually in attendance to speak to what is going on. There are already published voter guides out there for people to see.

Let’s talk about RINO’s. They are real and they should be voted out of office.

But what is a RINO? Some think that if you don’t vote the way they want 100-percent, you are a RINO. What if you agree with them 75-percent of time, are they still a RINO?

There are many brochures being mailed that aren’t true. I encourage voters to reach out to their elected officials and talk to them if you have a concern about the way they voted on an issue.

Our party is split and there is no doubt about that. I remember Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil. Two complete opposites. Neither got what they wanted all the time, but they compromised. That’s good government. I think Ronald Reagan would be considered a RINO by many if he were in office today.

As a party we agree on the big issues, don’t let people tell you otherwise.

I hope you will do your civic duty and investigate the candidates on your own and make sure to vote on May 17.

Questions or Comments? Send us an email!

Mike Weland, Publisher

6931 Main St.
P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
(208) 295-1016

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