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9B.News 2022 Primary Voter's Guide

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United States Senator

Brenda Bourn

I am a native Idahoan and enrolled in the Nez Perce tribe who believes now’s the time to step into leadership for our great state, and our United States of America. I was adopted into the family of Wayne and Sharon Steinocker and grew up in Idaho’s Magic Valley. I met my husband, Randy, while going to school at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, and relocated to the Treasure Valley after we met. We were married in 1993.

Shortly after getting married, I returned to Northern Idaho to complete my education at the University of Idaho in Moscow. Upon graduation in 1998, Randy and I moved to New Mexico, where I began my career in the medical field as a registered dietician.

After 15 years in the Southwest, Randy and I returned to Idaho in 2013 to make our home in the Treasure Valley. As I returned to Idaho, I continued my work with the medical community, being certified as a diabetes educator working with adults and children and their families as they navigate the trials of living with diabetes. My commitment to help and support people with quality health care has been a big part of my life.

My husband, Randy is a pastor on staff with Eagle Christian Church, and we have one daughter who is planning to attend college in the fall. As a family we are proud to call Idaho home and love the diversity and opportunities that Idaho and the United States of America have provided for us. I am committed to ensuring that those opportunities continue to be a part of the lives of citizens for years to come.

As I enter into politics, I will be led by my commitment to hard work, my commitment to high ethical standards and a desire to do what is right for our state and our country. Now’s the time for Brenda Bourn for US Senate!

1. Now’s the time to restore freedom in the medical field. I will fight to give doctors and medical professionals the freedom to do what is best for their patients without the threat of government interference, administrative restrictions, or financial policies. Doctors need to be guaranteed the freedom to treat their patients based on their expertise and conscience. Patients need to know that their doctor has the right and freedom to provide the very best care possible.

The doctor/patient relationship must be grounded in trust, freedom, and a commitment to do what is right for each patient.

Now’s the time to fight for the rights of doctors and patients to build that relationship free of outside influences. Now’s the time to abolish corporate policies and governmental agendas that handicap the health care system in Idaho and throughout the nation.

As Senator, I will fight to ensure that patients and doctors can be free to build that sacred trust so that citizens can know that the care they get ensures the absolute best health possible. Now’s the time to restore medical freedom. Now’s the time to regain the sacred doctor/patient relationship free of regulatory red tape and uninterested policy. Now’s the time for Washington to do something to restore freedom and trust in the medical field. I am ready to take a stand for your medical freedom!

2. Now’s the time to protect our borders! As a nation, we cannot continue to allow our borders to be overwhelmed with illegal immigration, illegal drugs, human trafficking, and the threat of terrorists.
For Idaho and for our great nation, we must secure our borders to ensure that our citizens are protected from the swell of illegal activity and threats. Now’s the time to protect innocent women and children and close our borders to human trafficking. Now’s the time stop the drug traffickers from killing our people with the overwhelming amount of illegal drugs coming across the borders. Now’s the time to protect our nation from criminals and terrorists crossing the borders unchecked.

Our country needs a leader in Washington who is committed to protect our borders. I will stand and fight for legislation that will protect our citizens from the threats that are trying to cross our borders every day! Iam a leader who will not lose focus on the border, because now’s the time!

3. As Senator, I will fight to empower parents to lead in the education of their children. For too long, the basics of teaching our children in the disciplines of reading, writing, math and science in our public schools have been compromised in order to make room to teach in subjects that are not age appropriate, cause confusion and do not belong in our children's classrooms.

Parents in Idaho and throughout the nation need to be assured that they have the power and right to lead in providing education and guidance in the areas of sex, gender, and complex social issues.
Parents need to be empowered to make choices about education that meet the needs of their children. In every model – from home school, to private school, to public school – parents must be empowered to exercise education freedom for their children and choose the model that best meets their specific needs.

I support giving parents the freedom to use their tax dollars to direct their children’s education and choose schools to educate their children through an educational voucher system. Having paid for private education for my own daughter, I know how important it is to have the freedom of choice in this important area of raising kids. Now’s the time to empower parents to exercise educational freedom for their families.

I am running for the US Senate office to ensure that Idaho has representation from the people, for the people of Idaho. We have seen in our state that politicians have been in politics for decades and have lost touch with what it means to be a citizen of the state.

The nation has had a reawakening period this last year and understand the need to be more involved in what’s happening in politics. I am one of those that have woken up, partly due to being forced out of my career employment and listening to Idahoans who are frustrated by the inaction of the people who have been elected to represent us locally and nationally.

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Mike Weland, Publisher

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P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
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