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9B.News 2022 Primary Voter's Guide

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United States Senator

Natalie M. Fleming

I am a soil and creature loving rancher’s daughter, I am an intuitive enterprise-wide software developer who simplified complex challenges, I am a dedicated die-hard single mother of four fiercely independent adults. I am a brave and loving special needs mom.

Is your family economically better off than it was six years ago?

Idaho can no longer afford our current senator with over $5 million in majority megacorps campaign funds and less than four-percent of that from Idaho. The corps, the CEOs, the CFOs, the spouses all funnel money to him.

It’s time to place the American as the central economic institution. Instead of crony capitalism, we need a family focused free market economy. Idaho families should never bid against mega billion-dollar corporate fiefdoms to buy a home.

It’s time for a Data Privacy and Protection Bill of Rights, applying constitutional protections to the American people. I’m here to set up and protect Idaho from overbearing titans of technology who harvest your family’s online data and mass surveillance. Our current congressman and my opponents have no clue how to fight titans of technology.

As a rancher’s daughter, I love the earth, soil and water ecology. I understand ecosystems well enough to protect the farm and ranch from ecologically destructive legislation of the far left and can explain how CO2 centric policies are melting the ice caps.

I will protect Idahoan’s right to educational freedom, privacy, home economy, work protections, 2A and pro-life with dignity for the mother.

I’m the full package. I’m smart, I care for real, I have no corporate obligations, I care about your freedoms and economic security, I’m smart enough to defend us from the titans of technology, I’ll fight for the farmers and ranchers, homeschoolers. God loves me and gosh darn it, people like me.

Find out more at www.natalieisawesome.com.

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