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United States Representative, District 1

Kaylee Peterson

First District Congressional candidate Kaylee Peterson says Russ Fulcher is out of touch with the majority of his constituents.

“Fulcher is so extreme he even voted against the bill to cap insulin costs, which leaves so many desperately sick people without the drugs they need to keep them alive,” Peterson said. “He also voted against the infrastructure bill that Senators Risch and Crapo backed, and the American Rescue Plan, which provided resources for COVID and for a strong economic recovery Just last week, he voted against a badly-needed common sense bill that put the U.S. Postal Service on a sound financial footing and ensured continued six-day a week service. Those are just a few of the many examples of him towing the far right line instead of doing what’s good for Idaho.”

The sixth-generation Idahoan says that, unlike Fulcher, few Idahoans are extremists.

“Most of us are reasonable, level-headed people,” she said. “We are tired of the fear-mongers and conspiracy-theorists trying to take over our government.”

“I am running because I see America – and our beloved Idaho – being torn apart by dishonesty, extremism and even violence,” she said. “It’s time to take back our country from the divisive tactics that threaten the very fabric of our democracy.”

“Government and public policy have always been a big part of my life,” Peterson said. “I never thought I’d run for office, but what I’ve seen the past few years has convinced me that it is time to stand up.”

Peterson was born in New London, Connecticut, but her family returned to Idaho in time for her to attend Eagle Middle and High School. Her roots in Eagle run deep; in the late 19th century, her great-great-great grandparents homesteaded land that is now the Eagle foothills and she still lives on some of that land, on a street named for her great-grandfather, with most of her family within a mile of her home. She and her husband Trevor just celebrated their 10-year anniversary, and enjoy raising their two school age children together.

“I am a leader, and I believe deeply in public service,” Peterson said. “As President of the College of Western Idaho debate team, I have learned to think about complicated issues from every angle and to speak with clarity and conviction. Those attributes will make me a strong advocate and a reasoned, bipartisan voice in Congress.”

Peterson, 32, also serves as Chief of Staff for the Associated Students of CWI. She is a member of the College Council Executive Board, which consists of faculty, staff and students, and the Idaho Students Association Legislative Council. She is finishing up a degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science. She organizes volunteers for Global Gardens, and has both volunteered and worked on political campaigns.

Peterson said her priorities in Congress will be to lower inflation, cut health care costs, make higher education more affordable, ensure more help for veterans, and provide excellent constituent services.

“Our politics are broken, and our institutions of government are dysfunctional,” she said. “We are at a crossroads, we can continue on the road to hate, fear, and potentially irreparable harm to our democracy, or we can change directions and choose reason, bipartisanship and principled compromise.”

“I look forward to bringing people together toward common goals and solutions for real-world issues. My only special interests are the people of Idaho, my only connections are to my community, and my dream is to serve Idaho’s First Congressional District in Congress.”

For more information, visit her website, https://kayleeforcongress.com.

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