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9B.News 2022 Primary Voter's Guide

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United States Senator

Scott Trotter

From the Idaho GOP Voters Guide
Scott and his wife Tracy have owned and operated a sign making business (Image Design Center) in Lewiston, Idaho since 1995. They are both graduates of University of Idaho and serve as worship pastors in their community. They created 14 Days of Praise in 2011 – and oversee the annual event which gathers nearly thirty area churches from different denominations. They are proud parents of one amazing teenage daughter.

Scott is a people person and values people. He has served on school boards, community boards, church boards, and city boards. “That’s a lot of meetings with a lot of people over a lot of years,” says Trotter. “It’s been my pleasure to serve, lead and help.” He now feels called to serve the residents of the state of Idaho and his country in the U.S. Senate. “Let’s do this,” says Trotter.

“Idaho sets an example for America,” says Scott. “We are a safe place. We are a refuge. We are good people. We love our families and each other. We enjoy life, liberty and happiness. Let’s keep Idaho awesome. Let’s inspire the nation to follow Idaho’s example.”

Trotter hopes to encourage Congress to work on goals like balancing the federal budget, reducing the national debt, securing America’s borders and restoring American pride. “Right now. I want to be a part of that now,” he says. “We the people of Idaho deserve nothing less.” More about Scott can be found online at scotttrotterforussenate.com.

Top 3 Issues:
1. Restore American Pride. NOW! We need to change the negative narrative to an American Pride narrative and remind ourselves of who we are as a nation and stick to the constitution which is our guiding law. Yes, we have issues we need to deal with and overcome. But the reality is we are the most blessed nation on earth and we need to stand in that blessing and be proud of who we are and celebrate who we are as a nation. We need to honor the sacrifices of those who came before us and continue this process for the generations to come. We are the United States of America! We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. In God we trust. I will declare life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness everyday as your representative! This is what “we the people” want … restore American Pride.

2. Reduce the national debt. NOW! I will begin by donating 10% of my first year’s salary to the national debt on my first day that senate is in session and I will ask the other senators to join me and personally contribute to the national debt problem that they have created over the last 20 plus years. I will request we make efforts to reduce the national debt every day that senate is in session until we start the process of honoring what “we the people” want … reduce the national debt.

3. Secure our southern border. NOW! How about we start by just enforcing the laws that are in place and work to establish a process that reduces corrupt and ILLEGAL immigration and allows for smooth legal immigration of amazing people who want to be American. Finish the border wall NOW! If necessary, let’s put additional boots on the ground to help aid our current border patrol officials until we get the border secure. It’s what “we the people” want … secure our southern border. Other issues that need addressed include … balancing the federal budget, strengthening family values, thriving small businesses, smaller government, less federal overreach, strong military, election integrity … NOW!

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