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Superintendent of Public Instruction

Debbie Critchfield

I’m Debbie Critchfield, a candidate for Idaho State Superintendent. My husband, Dave, and I are a fourth-generation Idaho farm family, where we raised our four children. I am active in our community and party and served as Republican precinct chair and central committee secretary. I currently serve as state committeewoman.

While my kids were in school, I served as a school board member in Cassia County for 10 years. In 2014, I was appointed to the Idaho State Board of Education.

I’m running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction because our students and parents matter, and school leadership matters. I will be able to lead on day one with energy and vision. My vision puts skills and job-readiness at the focus of Idaho education.

Schools must prepare students for careers and develop independent and active citizens who can manage their personal and financial decisions. That’s why I’m calling for a required financial literacy course for high school students.

In addition to skills, our schools must focus on teaching American values and creating citizens capable of the self-government required of our republic. Students should be taught how to think, not what to think, with more historical facts. CRT and other anti-American ideologies that seek to undermine the values of our country do not belong in Idaho schools.

The Idaho State Constitution describes our responsibility to educate our students to preserve our republican form of government. When I look at other states with excessive regulation, like California and Washington State, I think a big problem is their citizens’ views on the proper role of government and lack of appreciation for free market capitalism.

In turn, they elect officials who create policies and laws that erode our constitutional principles. Idahoans’ have a healthy skepticism of government overreach and regulation.

I intend to support local control and pursue efforts that reduce red tape from the state for parents, educators and schools. Local trustees and families should be leading our schools, not bureaucrats in Boise. Added to this is how we guard our children from federal overreach.

Gender exploration and the over-sexualization of our children is unacceptable in our schools. I will fight the Biden administration’s plans to intrude in our classrooms.

I opposed mandates and worked with school districts to provide in-person learning. I promoted school choice when I brought forward the change for money to follow students in public schools and gave money to parents to make educational decisions for their children. While president of the Board of Education, I signed the letter signaling the review and replacement of common core standards. That work was completed this legislative session.

Idaho deserves a strong educational leader with a vision to meet the needs of the 21st century. I intend to lead with honesty and integrity to reestablish trust for parents, educators, taxpayers, and business owners in the value of an Idaho education.

For more information, my campaign website is debbie4idaho.com and I can be reached at debbie@debbie4idaho.com.

I’d appreciate your vote on May 17.

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