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9B.News 2022 Primary Voter's Guide

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John Dionne Jr.

Name: John Joseph Dionne Jr.
Birth date: 30 December 1964
Profession: Retired US Navy 2006, currently a storage property manager.
Educational background: Minico High School (GED), Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Years as an Idaho resident: Fifth generation Idahoan!
Marital status: To my wonderful wife of 27 years, Pamela.
Family: Three sons; John, Joshua and Devin.
Hobbies: Painting, camping, gold prospecting, being in the mountains.
Contact information: dionneforidahogovernor2022@gmail.com Website: dionneforidahogovernor2022.com

1. Skyrocketing housing costs are a concern to many North Idahoans, including businesses struggling to hire people who can’t afford a place to live. Please share your view of what, if anything, state government should do to address this issue.

In a free market there is not much the government can do to ease housing cost, except for taxes and tax incentives. (1) Fix how property tax is charged to the taxpayer. Make property tax based on purchase price, not appraised price. (2) Give tax incentives to apartment complex owners for maintaining a certain number of units as affordable housing. Yes, both will hurt tax revenue, however state and local government can always find ways to cut spending to put money back into the hands of the citizens.

2. Idaho has invested heavily in public education in the past few years. Is it enough, too much or not enough?

The question that should be asked is how is the funding being spent? How much goes the administrative cost and how much goes to direct support of the students? Direct support is defined as teachers, busing, supplies and facilities. The students should be the number one priority, therefore most of the monies should go to their support! Furthermore, the government should be out of education. Not out of funding, but should not be setting the curriculum as that is up to the parents, community and teachers.

3. Rate the state's and the governor’s crisis management during the pandemic.

I cannot in good faith rate the performance of the state lead by Governor Little, as I believe he did what he thought was right for the people of Idaho. Now I would have done things differently. I would not have closed the economy, because that is not the job of the government, instead I would have informed the public of the situation, the things that may help decrease the chances of being affected and allowing you the citizen to make the choice on what you need to do for you and your family and the community. Also, I would not allow any city to fine the citizens or businesses in their communities because they chose not to follow recommendations. That is the definition of individual rights, liberties, and freedom which shall not be encroached upon.

4. Name one issue that you think needs more attention and your plan to address it in 2023.

Big government is a huge problem in this country and state, to downsize state government which is one of the governor's jobs. We must decrease spending, allowing for decreased taxation and putting money back into the hands of the people. We need to push spending power back to the city level, which people have greater access to. “In order for the people to control their government they must have access to the government.”

5. Time for your sales pitch. Why should voters support your rather than one of your opponents?

I would ask Idahoans to go to the polls not party affiliated but as an individual! What do I ask when looking at the political landscape? Who has overseen Idaho since we have been a state? Republicans or Democrats. What about the country? Same Republicans and Democrats. They have helped divide this country. They do what the party wants them to do, not what they should do, which is to refer to the people’s individual right and liberties. I ask, does a group have greater rights than an individual, women or minorities? The answer is an astounding no, everyone enjoys the same individual rights, liberties and freedoms.

I will fight big government at all levels. I will fight for our rights, liberties and freedoms from a oversized, over spending dictatorial federal government.

Who puts America in the middle of the world’s politics, takes loans from other governments to send foreign aid to countries around the world, instead of sending that aid to the people of their own country? Once again I ask, how did we get here? The answer will always be the same, Republicans and Democrats.

Now I will ask you to be honest in the answer, are the republicans or the democrats the way to fix our problems? In closing I that you give me the opportunity to lead this great state.

Questions or Comments? Send us an email!

Mike Weland, Publisher

6931 Main St.
P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
(208) 295-1016

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