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Superintendent of Public Instruction

Terry L. Gilbert

As a lifelong educator and a teacher in small-town classrooms, I know first-hand that our public schools are the heart and soul of rural communities: they educate our children, they are the economic driver of our economy, they bring well-paying jobs to rural counties like Boundary, and the educated citizens they turn out serve as our best bulwark against tyranny. Our public schools are the glue that holds our democracy together.

For all these reasons, I am a staunch advocate of competitive pay for teachers, adequate funding for schools and the fair and equitable distribution of education dollars so that a student’s education is not affected by his or her zip code.

For all the same reasons, I am a staunch opponent of replacing our free public schools with profit-making private ones, as some in this race are espousing. Public dollars must stay in public schools and Idaho must meet its Constitutional duty to “establish and maintain a general uniform and thorough system of free, public schools.”

If you doubt the importance of your local school in your community, ask yourself a few questions: Where do you go to vote? Where do you go to watch a football or basketball game? Where do you go for the best bake sale in town?

And when you go to these things, you meet your neighbors, and you talk about the issues that are important in your neighborhood, your town, and your county.

If we haven’t yet met, let me introduce myself. I am Terry Gilbert, my wife Carolyn and I live in Boise and have two adult children. We are both lifelong educators. I was the first in my family to go to college; I met Carolyn there and we started our first teaching jobs in the rural community of Marsing, in Owyhee County. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Education from Northwest Nazarene College, working full time and taking extra classes my last two years. I was later awarded a Master’s degree in Instruction and Curriculum Development from NNC.

I have taught English and American government in rural communities in Idaho and Washington State, have been a public education advocate, mentored elementary school students, served as a substitute teacher for elementary, junior high and high school students, and was a college instructor for a course I developed on educational ethics.

I also served as the President of the Idaho Education Association.

In all, I have more than 45 years of experience in education. I support all of Idaho’s schools and feel a special connection with rural Idaho.

I am a Rotarian and have served as governor of Rotary District 5400, working with more than 1,800 members in 43 clubs as a leader and a trainer. Rotary is a compassionate organization of community leaders that provides service, promotes integrity and advances goodwill and understanding.

We must ensure that public schools continue to be the lifeblood of every Idaho county, educate our students well, and help protect our precious democracy.
I ask for your support in November.

To learn more, email Tlggilbert4@gmail.com or call (208) 695-9262

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