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Attorney General

Arthur "Art" Macomber

My name is Art Macomber. I’m running for Idaho Attorney General. I’m pro-life, pro-gun, pro-freedom. I’m a husband, father, and an aggressive civil litigator. In Coeur d’Alene, I built Macomber Law from a solo practice to six attorneys practicing in three States. I’ve practiced in the Idaho courts for fifteen years arguing before the State Supreme Court six times. I’m a professional problem solver. I’m the guy you go to when life turns upside down. As a civil litigator, I’ve helped thousands of clients solve problems they didn’t have the tools to solve themselves.

That’s just where Idaho finds itself today. The erosion of civil liberties experienced over the past two years has been staggering. Forces from every direction seek to divide us. Black and White, Essential and Non-Essential, Parent and Child, these are just the beginning. Most of us didn’t see this coming. We were too busy raising a family and paying taxes.

Over the past two years, Idaho sacrificed its State sovereignty on the altar of the COVID Pandemic in exchange for billions of federal dollars. Citizens suffered under draconian public health edicts while Governor Little lawlessly renewed emergency proclamations with impunity. Federal dollars were distributed without enabling legislation, contrary to the Idaho Constitution.

The Attorney General is the only constitutional officer with the power to defend the people when their rights are under attack by State or federal entities. However, our current Attorney General has publicly said his job is to provide legal defense and representation to the executive branch and the Governor, not the people.

My candidacy offers the only hope for Idaho to take back the freedoms we took for granted only a few short years ago. Let’s start with the fact that I’m a lawyer, I’m not a career-politician; I’m not a bought-and-paid-for lobbyist; and I’m not beholden-to-any-special-interests, unlike my two opponents.

I’m a proven fighter. The AG’s job is a law job, not a policy job. I stepped out of the courtroom and into this race to fight for Idaho. My skills are sharp, and I can take a punch as well as give one. I’ve studied the Idaho Constitution for 15 years as a practicing attorney, and the U.S. Constitution longer than that in my free time. Finally, I wrote the 2018 Idaho constitutional amendment limiting Brad Little’s executive overreach. I began this fight three years ago, and will continue to fight for you!

I need your vote on May 17. I’m the fighter Idahoans have been looking to hire as the top cop in Idaho. Join with other freedom-loving Idahoans across the State in supporting me. I ask for your prayers and vote on May 17.

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