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9B.News 2022 Primary Voter's Guide

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Lisa Marie

From the Idaho GOP Voters Guide
Why have I been running for high elected positions since 2014? Why am I running for USA President in 2024 or 2028, depending if I’m elected your Idaho Governor?

Idaho Residents You Are Being Exterminated! To COVID-19 vaccinate our children is pure murder to destroying the human race.

This is my bold statement daily, “For Years There Has Been A Global Strategic Plan To Drastically Reduce The Human Population.”

We must pass a state law immediately to stop all COVID- 19 vaccines, making it illegal to administer to children 18 years and under. Then the same law for all ages. There must be state funds available for children and parents first harmed by the COVID- 19 vaccine, extensive mask usage and wrongful medical care as a starting point.

Those individuals, private corporations and individuals within our government responsible for COVID-19 mass destruction must be arrested and all assets seized.

You are being exterminated by bio weapons that attack our bodies on every level. For each person reading that agrees with my statements, reach me immediately, we all must come together now! For those that don’t agree or are not understanding what I’m stating, I ask you to continue reading keeping an open mind.

The people In your life, especially your family members and those you have trusted who have chosen not to take the COVID 19 vaccine. Please listen to what they have to say with your whole heart. Please do your research, you can start with the Plandemic Documentary Movies 1 and 2, producer Mikki Willis. Online you will find Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Zelenko, Frontline Doctors and Reawaken America as a starting point.

You will lose your lives if you don’t fight fearlessly to save our children and youth. Our children is humanities only hope for survival or the human race will face extinction. Should the human race become extinct?

I’m willing to fight for the human race to survive, I know our children will stop the evil people in power who have no regard for life. The pain and destruction that lies ahead will be worse then the horror movies you have watched for years. Our starting point is to stop the destruction environmentally in every way! Right now or we will not have a home to live on. I’m being harsh on all of us including myself. We are all responsible for the destruction of earth today! Years ago I owned every word I just wrote and take action everyday. For you of all faith’s and those with just pure love for life. You know humanity is coming to an end if we just sit back. Shame on us! Let's do the right thing!

Why is our Idaho and all USA law enforcement grossly underfunded with not enough money to find and protect our “Idaho Tortured and Missing Children?” First hand I was told by ISP and Fusion that they both were unable to supply our volunteers flyers, signs and posters to find Michael Vaughn.

We need immediately resources to find our current missing children and protect every child. Please everyday go into the ISP Clearinghouse Missing Juveniles Website and read every person missing daily. Your child could go missing, let’s stop this from happening.

Below is my national law enforcement press release sent daily by the thousands in the USA and globally. You must be able to answer these questions to keep your children from going missing. Why in our country one of the richest and over 1,000 children are missing daily? Where are most of our children that are still missing?


  1. Which national law enforcement agency has the accurate number of American missing children every year?
  2. By law which government agency is responsible to account for every child missing in America?
  3. How many children in America were missing in 2018, 2019 and 2020?
  4. Where do you obtain all the pictures and information of every current child missing in America verified by law enforcement?
  5. By law which government agency is responsible to account for every missing child in your state, countyand city?
  6. How many children are currently missing in your state, county and city?
  7. When a child goes missing confirmed by law enforcement is there an alert that is broadcasted?
  8. Which state or local law enforcement agency is responsible to broadcast a missing child alert?
  9. What is an Amber Alert?
  10. How many missing child alerts have you received in the last six months?

How many questions were you able to answer?

Candidate election requirements must be changed immediately for state, federal, county and city. Thank you to many Idaho residents, elected officials and law enforcement that have reached me personally and continue stating “criminals are allowed to sit in office just by being elected!”

This is not right and must change immediately. Please Idaho residents, if you are unfamiliar with the exact legal requirements of every elected position, it’s imperative that you know. You have the power to change all candidate requirements, believe this. Are you aware that to become a legal candidate on a state, federal, city and country level many of these items are not a requirement:

  1. No drivers license
  2. No social security number
  3. No background checks
  4. No credit check
  5. No polygraph test
  6. As a federal candidate no Idaho residency required until the general election
  7. For all county sheriff just pay a fee and prove you are a resident of the county.
  8. No references

Who really is your elected official or candidate? We must stop political crimes by not allowing criminals and evil individuals in office. How could I run for Ada County Sheriff paying only $40 dollars, proved I lived in Ada County and my voters registration card was current?

My son is an Ada County Deputy Sheriff with many crucial requirements. Idaho law enforcement communicates with me consistently stating “candidate requirements change must happen for Idaho residents safety!

Idaho Political crimes must be investigated based on audio and documents in my possession. Starting on April 13, 2022, I will forward the first audio to Gary Salzman, General Manager of KTVB. You may reach Gary personally either by phone or email; gsalzman@ktvb.com or (208) 375-7727.

My suggestion is to read The Washington Post titled “The Idaho Republican convention this weekend was a total fiasco,” by Jaime Fuller June 16, 2014.

Questions or Comments? Send us an email!

Mike Weland, Publisher

6931 Main St.
P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
(208) 295-1016

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