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Janice McGeachin

From the Idaho GOP Voters Guide
Janice McGeachin is Idaho’s current Lieutenant Governor. She is a conservative Republican and the first female Lieutenant Governor to serve the state of Idaho. In 2019, she chaired the Regional Task Force on Government Efficiencies to identify cost savings in state government. Additionally, she formed an Education Task Force to examine controversial teachings in public schools and higher education.

Janice is a former state representative and a successful business owner from Idaho Falls who, along with her husband Jim McGeachin, own and operate multiple businesses in the automotive industry, with locations in Idaho Falls and Boise.

In 2012, she and her family renovated an historic building in downtown Idaho Falls and established the area’s only Irish restaurant. Janice and Jim have two children who help manage their family businesses.

Janice is a proven conservative leader with an established track record of working with others to promote fiscal responsibility. She is committed to keeping Idaho conservative and, as a staunchly pro-life legislator, worked to implement Informed Consent and Ultrasound laws designed to protect the life and health of the mother and unborn child.

Janice is concerned about the negative impact the growing national debt, now at $30 trillion, has on our life, liberty and prosperity. She is committed to promoting consistency among Republican leadership on fiscal responsibility and working to increase public awareness regarding our state and nation’s finances.

Janice was an elected state representative from 2002-2012, and served on numerous committees including State Affairs, Revenue & Taxation, Judicial, Joint Finance and Appropriations, and Health & Welfare where she served as the chair and worked to prevent the implementation of Obamacare in Idaho in 2012 by educating colleagues and the public of the devastating impacts of the law to individuals and to our business community.

As chair, she collaborated with house and senate leadership, the medical community, recipients, departments, agencies and the governor’s office to reduce Medicaid costs across the board, avoiding deep cuts to particular programs when tax revenues came up short in 2011.

Janice served on the Joint Millennium Fund Committee, state employee Change in Employee Compensation Committee, Economic Outlook and Revenue Assessment Committee, and the Health Care Task Force.

Janice serves as a Bonneville County Central Committee member, is a member of the Bonneville County Republican Women and the Blaine County Republican Women, and is the Bonneville County State Committee Woman. She served as first vice chair of Trump Idaho Team, and served as a Trump delegate in 2016 and 2020. As an Idaho elector, she cast a vote for President Donald J. Trump.

President Trump has endorsed Janice to become Idaho’s next governor.

Janice’s community service includes having served as the chairman of the board for the Idaho Innovation Center and as a board member for the development workshop and the Mountain River Valley American Red Cross. She is a member of the Idaho Falls Rotary Club, and was an active member of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, and the United Way Disbursement Committee.

As governor, Janice will restore health freedom and end the threat of medical tyranny. She supports a ban on medical mandates and experimental vaccines for children. Under her leadership, the State of Idaho will return the fines businesses were forced to pay for violating Little’s Lockdown orders.

She will work to bring integrity to Idaho’s elections and will continue to push for a 50-state audit of the 2020 election. She will sign legislation guaranteeing eligible Idahoans the right to vote in person and ask the legislature to audit all Idaho elections. In the private sector, our books, inventory, and taxes are audited. The government – and especially our elections – should have the same transparency.

She will protect religious freedom, keep our churches open, and prevent government from ever closing religious services again. She will protect our kids and strengthen our families by giving parents greater control over their children’s education dollars; protecting children from abusive medical procedures; and getting obscene material out of our schools and libraries.

Janice will grow Idaho’s economy by supporting our families. She will make it easier for Idahoans to feed their families, buy a gallon of gas, and purchase a home. Idaho’s ruling elites want you to take a $20 grocery rebate during run-away inflationary prices and be happy about it. She will work to eliminate the grocery tax altogether.
Janice will let Idahoans take advantage of Idaho’s natural resources. She will work for creative ways to manage our own lands; she will encourage responsible development of rare earth minerals; and she will reopen the University of Idaho’s School of Mines so our own sons and daughters have the technical know-how to achieve energy independence here in Idaho.

Janice will expand our Second Amendment liberties and secure our state. She will incentivize the increased production of firearms and ammunition here in Idaho. And she will make Idaho a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. And to protect our borders and secure our communities, she will ensure the Idaho Constitution and Idaho law make clear that our State Guard units are under our control – not the control of the federal government.

Janice will make the state government work for you. She will mandate an Idaho-first customer service model for all state agencies. Under her watch, Idaho’s state agencies will know they must reply to your emails, answer your phone calls, and work on issues you care about because they don’t work for the special interests. They work for you, the people! She will ensure commonsense growth. She will stop the giveaways for out-of-state developers and will make the get-rich-quick builders pay for new schools, roads, and infrastructure. She won’t give Mark Zuckerburg tax write-offs to steal our water and expand his anti-American company to Idaho.

Finally, Janice will fight for life. She will make Idaho a sanctuary for Life, protecting the unborn and protecting our elderly from abuse.

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