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Shelby Rognstad (write-in)

I'm a two-term mayor in Sandpoint, its first two-term mayor in half a century and the second in history. That speaks to my effectiveness and ability to work across the aisle in a very red district. I've been a small business owner/operator for 17 years. I've been in public service for 15 years. I'm a fourth generation Idahoan from Lewiston.

Since 2017, I have served on the board of the Association of Idaho Cities, which lobbies the legislature on issues important to cities and towns across the great state of Idaho. I also serve on the board of the Bonner County Economic Development Corporation, which supports local businesses and the local workforce.

I’m blessed to be married to a brilliant woman and be the proud father of two beautiful children aged 10 and 12. My wife Katie and I have served on numerous non-profit boards over the years supporting education, environment, sustainability and the arts.

As a family man who has lived most of his life in Idaho, I'm concerned about the growing rise in extremism and its direct impact on our quality of life, public safety and politics in Idaho. It is ripping apart our communities, our places of work and worship and is driving good people out of public service and leadership.

This spells death to our democracy, business growth and the Idaho way of life. These aren't "Democratic concerns," these are Idahoan concerns. Idaho needs leadership that stands up for our values and our future, not get coerced into supporting an ideologically driven, extremist agenda of special interest groups.

Leading a city through the pandemic and explosive growth over the last six years I’ve learned to navigate through emergencies of public health and difficult economic, social and and political realities. These experiences have helped me develop as a leader and demonstrate my values and commitment to Idaho.

I care about the issues that most Idahoans care about; education, job growth, infrastructure, protection of public lands and access to affordable healthcare and housing. These aren't "Democratic issues," these are Idahoan issues.

There are a lot of Republicans out there who are also very concerned about the extremism overtaking their party, our state and our nation. My message speaks to these voters just as it does to Democrats and Independents.

I’m running a write in campaign as a Democrat on May 17. If you write in “Shelby Rognstad” for governor on the Democratic ballot, I will be on the general election ballot facing the winner of the Republican primary.

You can find out more about my campaign to restore balance back to the state of Idaho by going to my website: electshelby.com. If we can stand up for Idaho values and Idaho families, we can create lasting prosperity and once again make Idaho a place where everyone can get a good education, afford to live, have access to health care and enjoy the high quality of life our state is known for.

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