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9B.News 2022 Primary Voter's Guide

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State Representative, District 1, Position A

Adam Rorick

I am running for Idaho State Representative Seat 1A because I have seen firsthand how the left’s socialist, tax and spend ideology has destroyed cities and our culture. I see the same destructive, socialist policies at work here in Idaho. I took an oath to uphold the US Constitution and the rule of law. When I retired from the Sheriff’s Office and moved to my home in Sagle, I realized that I could not sit back and watch the Idaho I knew as a young boy become a carbon copy of California, Oregon and Washington.

I will fight for Idahoan’s freedom. I will fight to eliminate the federal government’s control of Idaho’s land and natural resources to return the land to state control for use in creating new job opportunities for Idahoans and reduce the effective tax burden for many Idahoans.

My top three issues that I feel the legislature needs to address:
  a. School Choice – The tax money should follow the children to their school.
  b. Education Reform – Removal of Common Core, CRT, DEI in our public school system and return to a mastery of the basic foundational principals of reading, math, writing, and civics.
  c. Tax reduction and stabilization – Eliminate the grocery tax and reduce property taxes.

I believe in school choice and the tax money should follow the children to their school. I am a proponent for returning control of our educational system back to the parents and local school boards. Parents have rights. Parents should have access to all curriculum involving their children and the final approval for their use. I believe there should be a system in place where the educators are held accountable for teaching subjects or textbooks contrary to the wishes of the parents and school board.

The subjects currently taught, Common Core, DEI, CRT, SEL and the sexualization of education, etc., are not aligned with the construct of the US Constitution and the founding father’s opinions surrounding the birth of our country or lessons found in the Bible.

I am passionate about tax reform and stabilization. I will work toward eliminating the grocery tax and reducing the volatility in the property tax rates for all Idaho homeowners. Migration from other states has caused property taxes for current homeowners to substantially increase. I am a proponent for freezing any property tax increase for those homeowners who are on a fixed income in order to reduce the risk to Idahoans who are retired, on Social Security, or otherwise unable to work due to a disability. The rampant property tax increases must be addressed before they are taxed out of their homes.

I owned and operated a successful construction business before starting a career as a deputy sheriff. As a small business owner, I understand the importance of keeping a budget, the value of customer service, and the importance of being accountable for the quality of my workmanship.

As a senior deputy, I was a senior training instructor responsible for training all new officers, specializing in firearms training, self-defense, search and seizure law, constitutional law and field operations for new patrol officers.

I am a Christian, constitutional conservative. I believe in the rule of law and inalienable individual rights. I support all the Bill of Rights, including but not limited to freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms.

I began a career in law enforcement to help those people who could not help themselves, to give a voice to those who were too victimized to advocate for themselves. I am very effective in conflict resolution, and I worked to hold those individuals who caused harm to others accountable for their actions through the judicial system. My knowledge and experience in the judicial system has prepared me well for representing Idahoans in the legislature.

I am the right person to hold the position of Idaho State Representative of District 1A. I believe in free market capitalism, limited government regulation, and effective public safety. I am a strong voice to safeguard our vast natural resources and recreational areas within Idaho. I believe that the path to a stronger Idaho is through education reform, tax reduction and stabilization, and school choice.

I openly encourage all my constituents to contact me with their concerns and opinions to discuss how I might be able to better represent them in the legislature. With their input, I will balance their wishes with the legal, moral, ethical standards within the Idaho State Constitution, US Constitution, and current laws.

God is always first and I must balance my duty to represent the people of my district with His word.

To learn more, visit voteadamrorick.com, Facebook or call (208) 610-6720

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Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
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