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9B.News 2022 Primary Voter's Guide

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Paul Sand

I am running against our dysfunctional two-party political system on a common-sense Libertarian platform. I am running for a future of peace, freedom, equality, transparency and economic and social opportunity for everyone.

I am running against the influence of money in politics. Workers are struggling to survive while the rich just buy politicians to improve their lives. I will not take your money and I will not take their money. I will not annoy you with advertising, phone banks, robocalls, yard signs and everything else that money can buy. I will represent the silent majority.

Elected representatives should represent and promote the economic interests and industries of their districts for the benefit of all their people, all the time. Change is only necessary when the system is broken, which is now!

We have serious problems that fighting over personal behavior will not fix. Micro-managing our economy, taxes and climate is like arguing over the color of nail polish to put on the toes of the elephant in the room, without seeing the elephant in the room.

I am not anti-government, but the government needs to stay out of our personal lives. Everyone has the right to be exclusive, but the government has a constitutional responsibility to be inclusive.

Learn more at https://paulsand.org or email Clear_Sky@att.net.

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