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9B.News 2022 Primary Voter's Guide

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State Representative, District 1, Position A

Cynthia P. Weiss

From the Idaho GOP Voters Guide
Cynthia P. Weiss may not be a name you recognize. With good reason! But you will… Cynthia and her husband William moved from Middleton, Idaho, about five years ago. For Cynthia, it was to return to her roots on her mother’s side.

My grandfather, Freelin Huff, was a telegrapher with the railroad during the Depression. His wife, Cynthia gave birth to helpe children who helped populate Idaho.

They were farmers and ranchers and very poor. But not forever. Her mom was the original cowgirl. She caught and gentle broke horses and was an excellent rider. Her love of Idaho mountains, forests and the myriad natural beauty and natural resources caused her to regale Cynthia with tales of adventure, love of family, and never wasting anything.
Cynthia dreamed of returning to Idaho to live in the mountains above Sandpoint. Her father, William Avery Phillis Jr., was from Ohio, the only son for several generations. What both families had in common were migration to the colonies in the late 1600s, of English and German ancestry.

Cynthia is descended from several Founding Fathers: Gouverneur Morris wrote the preamble of the Constitution and William Paterson, signer. (Cynthia’s favorites)

Cynthia Anne Phillis was born Jan 18, 1952, in Chicago. Siblings: William Avery Phillis III, and Emily Phillis. Family and family values are extremely important to her.

Cynthia Weiss is a woman on a mission. From an early age, she believed the blessings in her life carried with them a responsibility to help anyone she could. This extended to all animals and to preserve our natural resources.

Her lifelong passion has been to help women and children; help preserve the Constitution of the United States; help our veterans, to whom we owe our continued freedom; preserve natural resources; including all living things; and to reform and improve education.
Cynthia studied biology (neuroscience, pre-med, ecology the human body), political science, French, teaching, math and black history at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her Master’s degree was from National Louis University, Evanston, Illinois, studying gifted and talented.

An avid outdoors lover, she was a competitive downhill skier, swimmer, sailor, mountain climber, scuba diver and anything that challenged her.

Cynthia’s entrepreneurial spirit has facilitated the creation of several successful private businesses including Brock Travel, Inc., Barrington, Illinois, and a unique school for children grades 1-12, Kauai Arts and Science Academy. She developed Kauai Museum Children’s Summer programs for all island children.

Cynthia developed the TurboCog Education System based on how the brain works; published author of Thoughts to Ponder Freedom Journals. Cynthia taught graduate gifted education courses at National Louis U., and developed and taught summer enrichment classes for disadvantaged youth from the Inner City of Chicago. Cynthia was a certified paramedic in Chicago, and worked the American Airlines DC 10 crash at O’Hare Airport. Taught EMT and paramedic classes in Chicago.

Cynthia’s beloved children are William Eden and Lara Welford and son Scott Weiss. They have produced 11 beautiful grandchildren.

My husband and I have two dogs and 40 hens. Aloha

Top 3 Issues:
1. Save the Constitution of the United States of America so our Republic endures for the next generations. Restore the Bill of Rights and our individual freedoms by teaching the children the blessings of being an American.

Mandatory Civics class in eighth grade and pass test prior to beginning ninth grade. Close our American borders - especially the southern border. Stop the drug cartels, terrorists and enemies need to be stopped. enemies. Stop the drugs at the southern border. Support law enforcement who need their backs covered.

American citizens are being targeted by terrorists, cartel and crazy, deranged just average criminals who are emboldened by radical judges and lawyers funded by George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, and other misguided people with billions of dollars who hate America. I’ve met many of them over decades, while working in 501(c)(3) organizations in.

I know exactly what they have been up to. I’ve been fighting the expansion of their radical agendas, while warning Republicans and using my influence with conservative non- RINOs who understand the risks.

I collect data (that I verify) study and research all issues from all sources, sorting opinions from facts, and after serious deliberation take an intelligent position with facts and direct source information to back it up.

Most issues stem from not following the Constitution. If we protect it, we protect LIBERTY AND FREEDOM. I’m ANTI ABORTION - killing unborn children is against my Christian beliefs as well as illegal according to Constitution. I’m PRO GUN RIGHTS and have been a supporter of NRA for decades. Citizens being armed is our only protection for our families. It is a deterrent for criminals and terrorists.

2. Education, family rights PARENTS ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE THE GOD GIVEN RIGHT AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR THEIR CHILDREN. The exception is to protect children from abuse, physical, mental and emotional, from whatever its source.

I have worked for non-profit NGOs,and residential 501 (c) (3)s in Michigan, Illinois, Hawaii, Oregon and Idaho to protect children and adults not able to protect themselves. I have found abuses from within these organizations whether as an employee, or as an active participant as a citizen.

I have testified in court in the above states, including Idaho. As a teacher, there is mandatory reporting. As a paramedic, same thing.I have reported abuses only after determining there is a factual basis: my observation, the child comes forth and asks for help, (children are vulnerable to threats, coercion, being given bribes, by the abuser, fear, and misguided wanting to protect their abuser, especially if a family member, and even worse, children who have been abused since infancy, as it feels normal to them. They also need to be protected by well-meaning, but untrained “reporters” who have ruined families and the supposed abused children, wrecking everyone’s lives through the hellish and nightmarish process, EVEN WHEN THERE HAS BEEN NO ABUSE.

Abuse of children and adults has steadily increased in the past years as illegal drugs are pouring into our country.


3. PROTECTING IDAHO CITIZENS AND NATURAL RESOURCES FROM ALL THREATS: More than 60% of our precious resources, including land, are owned by the federal governmewnt. This has happened for many reasons.

The further away chronologically and geographically, from our founding as a nation and from Washington, DC, a state is admitted of the union, the larger the land grab. It started innocently enough when President Theodore Roosevelt became president, loving the natural resources and beauty of the nation’s landscapes and wildlife, he wanted to preserve it for future generations. Who knew that the 150 national forests, 51 federal bird reserves, four federal game reserves, five national parks, 18 federal national monuments and over 230 million acres of public lands would not only protect these natural wonders for future generations, but that it could and would be a problem for most of the Western states (exception California) as more states joined the union?

I HAVE TRAVELED TO ALL 50 STATES, AND VISITED MOST OF THE THESE PARKS AND RESERVES. BUT MUCH OF THE FEDERAL NATIONAL PARKS and lands taken from what were newly created states had small populations.

We have “slept” while government overreach has reached the craziness that prevails from radicals who have insane positions fed by greed , apathy, and ignorance.


Our redress: CONVENTION OF STATES, which most people don’t understand. ONLY AMENDMENTS CAN ACHIEVE THIS.

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Mike Weland, Publisher

6931 Main St.
P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
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