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January 4
Ambulance board explains planned use of ARPA funds: In October, Boundary Ambulance made a request to the Boundary County Commissioners for authorization to use roughly $260,000 of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds made available to the county. A large portion of these dollars would be used to replace an aging 2007 ambulance heavily relied on for the out-of-county hospital transfer of serious and often critical patients. Boundary Ambulance Board of Directors
December 29
Big lies threaten last best hope of Earth: Two lies writ large in the Trump era are causing horrific damage to the democratic process established by the U.S. Constitution, and those lies, perhaps the most egregious ever put forth and pandered by a sitting United States president and believed by so many of his stalwarts, place into dire question whether our system of governance can survive. By Mike Weland Comment added
December 27
In city suit, only the attorney$ win: It’s over. In October, 2019, one year after construction of my permitted carport, the newly self-anointed, self-appointed, mini-mayor of Moyie Springs, Steve Economu, and council members Terry Johnson, Tim Narvaez, Geoff Hollenbeck and newly seated (three minutes prior) Les Love voted to file a lawsuit against me for setback violations. By Rosanne Smith
December 22
Standing with Idaho law enforcement: The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported violent crime was up 5.6 percent in the U.S. in 2020 from 2019. In Idaho in 2020, the FBI found there were 3,610 violent-crime incidents reported by 107 law enforcement agencies. There are many complex reasons for this unfortunate increase. By Senator Mike Crapo
December 8
Reflecting on Bob Dole’s message for America and Idaho: When I heard of the passing of WWII combat veteran and former presidential candidate U.S. Senator Bob Dole, I immediately recalled a man of integrity, humility, and patriotism. A member of the “Greatest Generation,” he served our country during a time when civility in politics was a requirement for getting anything done – and he reminds us that even though civility seems like a bygone value in American politics, it is still a requirement for getting the people’s work done. By Governor Brad Little
November 30
GROW fixes donation link issue, still time to give: What comes after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday? Giving Tuesday, a worldwide generosity movement, inspiring people to give back to the communities and organizations working hard to make the world a better place. If you haven't participated yet, we would like to encourage you to consider a donation to GROW!, Gardeners for Regional Organic Well-being. By Kate Painter
Open letter to Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra: I feel I have no choice but to write to you. Maybe, this time, you will read a letter? It has become incredibly clear over the past four years you have no interest in meeting with me or anyone from the team in Idaho that supports children with Dyslexia. Maybe you will take a few minutes to read this. By Robin Zikmund
November 29
A new vision for the students and parents of Idaho: Parents, teachers, community members and business leaders deserve an engaged leader with a strong vision to actively connect them to funding and program support. As Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will lead Idaho education with honesty and transparency to empower parents, strengthen local control and prepare our students for the workplace needs of a growing state. By Debbie Critchfield
November 20
Building Bridges – Neighbor to Neighbor: Not too long ago, I noticed a new billboard just south of Bonners Ferry. The words “Building Bridges – Neighbor to Neighbor” stood out. This got me thinking about neighbors. When I was growing up, I started understanding that neighbors are like the two pieces of land the bridge connects. The water between acts as a boundary. By Mary Ollie
November 17
Thank you, Idahoans: The great people of Idaho are foremost among the blessings I am counting this Thanksgiving season. We have been tested by challenges this year, and Idahoans have repeatedly met those challenges with kindness, hope, good judgment and optimism. Throughout Idaho, we find countless examples of Idahoans doing great work and good deeds that are helping to lift us all up. By U.S. Senator Mike Crapo
October 31
On Tuesday, let your voices be heard: VOTE!: Idaho’s parents and educators, you care deeply about your students and their education. You support your schools and teachers in many ways — and voting is the most effective means to voice what you want for your children. As students’ most powerful advocates, it is imperative that you speak up at the ballot box. By Region 1 school superintendents
October 21
Education detractors, show us proof or shut up: Enough is enough. I can no longer remain silent as certain people in our community demonize our hardworking public education employees, which include bus drivers, classroom aides, teachers, custodians, secretaries, nurses, maintenance workers, cooks, principals, coaches, superintendents and our unpaid volunteer school board members. By Jan Studer
October 20
Protecting Idahoan's second amendment rights: The Second Amendment of our Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I firmly believe this provision prohibits the federal government from denying citizens this right. Burdening law-abiding citizens of this country with additional gun restrictions is not the answer to safeguarding the public. By U.S. Senator Mike Crapo
October 17
Though it's an off-year election, every vote November 2 is critical: Many voters don't see the election just ahead as important; they instead look to the midterms of 2022 or the presidential election of 2024. Those thinking that way are making a big ... possibly huge ... mistake. In nearly every race on ballots across the nation, candidates are running not so much to serve in positions of public trust but rather to ensure that the groundwork is laid for the "critical" elections ahead. By publisher Mike Weland
October 9
Getting dessert twice: Boise legislators are sitting on a mountain of CARES – ARPA – Trumpy Dollars - Biden Bucks, etc. Yet many municipalities and entities within are asking homeowners, taxpayers, to pay more via levy increases. By Rosanne Smith
October 4
Double death tax the wrong way to go: Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and often when a business owner dies, the family business is tied up in their estate. Recognizing this, Congress created exemptions from estate and capital gains taxes, including allowing a step-up in the value (“tax basis”) of a business to its then fair market value. By U.S. Senator Mike Crapo
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
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