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October 17
Though it's an off-year election, every vote November 2 is critical: Many voters don't see the election just ahead as important; they instead look to the midterms of 2022 or the presidential election of 2024. Those thinking that way are making a big ... possibly huge ... mistake. In nearly every race on ballots across the nation, candidates are running not so much to serve in positions of public trust but rather to ensure that the groundwork is laid for the "critical" elections ahead. By publisher Mike Weland
October 9
Getting dessert twice: Boise legislators are sitting on a mountain of CARES – ARPA – Trumpy Dollars - Biden Bucks, etc. Yet many municipalities and entities within are asking homeowners, taxpayers, to pay more via levy increases. By Rosanne Smith
October 4
Double death tax the wrong way to go: Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and often when a business owner dies, the family business is tied up in their estate. Recognizing this, Congress created exemptions from estate and capital gains taxes, including allowing a step-up in the value (“tax basis”) of a business to its then fair market value. By U.S. Senator Mike Crapo
September 19
Debt limit must be raised: Congress has raised or suspended the country’s debt ceiling about 80 times since 1960. Now it must do so again. If not, sometime in October—it is impossible to predict precisely when—the Treasury Department’s cash balance will fall to an insufficient level, and the federal government will be unable to pay its bills. By Janet L. Yellen
September 14
What's next? Hundreds of thousands of federal employees and contractors across America will be forced to choose between getting the jab (or being tested weekly), or losing their job. Some legal experts are saying the President’s requirement is legal, while others believe it is patently unconstitutional. By Idaho First District Representative Heather Scott
September 1
Back to school during uncertain times: The new school year begins with more uncertainty than we expected because of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 delta variant strain. However, based on our overall performance and experience last year, I am confident that our local school boards, administrators, teachers and parents are ready to meet the challenge. By Kurt Liebich, President, Idaho State Board of Education
August 27
Library board owes community honesty, transparency: Upon reading the article relating to the August 19 annual budget meeting, it saddens me to learn again about the lack of transparency at the Boundary County Library. As a tax paying citizen I would like to know where my dollars are being spent. By Lee Haarstick
August 26
Media acts as a chilling force to intimidate and silence: After months of fighting to protect your data, the court has ruled that our office must release personal information on thousands of Idahoans to the media, where it has the potential to be misused to harass Idahoans who speak out on controversial issues. By Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin
Ensuring every dollar collected for crime victims is used to help them: Crime victims in Idaho and across our country deserve full access to resources after a traumatic experience. Ensuring funds intended for helping crime victims recover are only used for that purpose is central to making progress in decreasing the impact of violent crime and supporting victims. By U.S. Senator Mike Crapo
Protect our freedoms by defeating our common enemy: The valiant struggle of today’s healthcare workers against the coronavirus hearkens back to one of the toughest enemies George Washington faced while fighting for American independence: Variola, the smallpox virus. By Jim Jones, David Pate and Michael Satz
August 11
Investing in Idaho: Senators on both sides of the aisle have long agreed on the need to modernize and expand hard infrastructure, and infrastructure investments have traditionally been accomplished through bipartisanship and regular order. By U.S. Senator Mike Crapo
July 24
Hiring Sandy Ashworth may have unintended consequences: Despite what might be the best of intentions, the library board's hiring of Sandy Ashworth, both as a consultant and as interim director, and agreeing with her request to serve without pay may violate provisions of both the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Public Retirement System of Idaho could cause problems for both the board, for Ashworth and for the community. By Mike Weland, Publisher
July 21
KNF should reassess Black Ram sale: The Kootenai National Forest (KNF) is waiting for a grizzly bear biological assessment from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the Black Ram timber sale in the Yaak. As proposed by KNF, Black Ram would “likely adversely affect” the Yaak’s 20-plus remaining grizzly bears. By Aaron Peterson
July 16
That an important thing needing fixed will have been set aright: In over 30 years as a reporter in Boundary County, I've developed pretty fair instincts in discerning the veracity and motive of those I interview. While I don't purport to know the "truth" of any story I cover, especially those as contentious as developing sagas like the current Boundary County Library situation, I am pretty good at recognizing sincerity as opposed to the converse. By Mike Weland, Publisher 
July 14
Library board has chance to rebuild trust: Bonners Ferry The Boundary County Library has been in “dry dock” too long. Dry dock was the term used by Sandy Ashworth on April 15 to describe plans for a two-week closure. The two weeks turned into two months and then more. Boundary County residents were told the closure involved serious safety issues and the rumors started a flyin’. By Mary Ollie
July 2
'Righteous right' lack sense to realize they're stepping in it: Since the Bonner County Republican Committee called for Jim Woodward’s resignation, there have been numerous responses in the form of letters to the editors of several media outlets. Letters from Jim’s supporters far outnumber those from detractors. I ponder if these committee members have enough sense to realize that they have committed a major political blunder. By Jim Cadnum
Mike Weland, Publisher  

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