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May 23
Another point of view about the election: Yes we lost, but have you any idea what has been lost? The county has been overrun with a collection of people with the most extreme ideology and dangerous self-righteous, self-serving, self-promoting and pompous posturing; dangerous in the fact that they use God as their hammer. By Jody McClintock
Boundary County built and sustained on strong backs of volunteers: A recent letter states a reason to vote for someone should be based upon the person who volunteers and sits on the many boards and organizations that make Boundary County “work.” Appearing to remain distant and being uninvolved does not mean someone cares less. By Rosanne Smith
May 20
Human Rights groups call for an end to the killing: We call for immediate action by the federal government and the states for passage of strong domestic terrorist control acts to combat the epidemic of mass shootings in the United States taking the lives and injuring so many innocent individuals. By the Boundary County Human Rights Task Force et al.
May 18
Boundary County vote perfect in battle of good vs. evil: Bonners Ferry and Boundary County Republicans voted 100-percent for our area's endorsed recommended candidates for this midterm primary election. The people voted accordingly in North Idaho's upper Panhandle and the all the candidates won they voted for! By Ferly Savage Greenhalgh
May 16
No redoubt will long stand for those who would not share the blessings of liberty: This country's founders were consummate writers, who, with great deliberation and care, drafted for us a constitution establishing the basic form and principals of our government using very much that same language extant today. Like writers of any age, they strove to be concise and unambiguous, to make the words mean precisely what the writers intended for all days to come. By Mike Weland, Publisher
May 13
Support Ben Robertson for county commissioner: What do I want in a County Commissioner for Boundary County? Many things is the answer to this question. Probably the most important aspect would be integrity. An individual who will look you in the face and say the truth as they see it. A person who has no problem being honest in the face of adversity. By Kyle Watts et al
On junkyards, persistence is key: I do sympathize with the frustrations that Mr. Poland ("Time to change county leadership," letters, May 10) is experiencing. I hope what I have to say is useful. A few years ago, I got my belly full of a different junkyard on the west side of Highway 95 south of Naples. At the time, I visited with former Boundary County Planning Administrator John Moss. John suggested that I put my concerns in writing and bring them back to him.
May 10
I got my knee on his neck, Ma! Take a pitcher! "Critical race theory, an ugly ideology that divides people based on race, has crept into Idaho’s public school classrooms right under our noses. Except it's not and it hasn't. It's yet another farcical far-right imaginary bugaboo, another lie piled on a heap of lies created by an insidious cabal of office-seeking miscreants bent on rousing fears and imposing their own narrow racial, political and religious moral certitude on those of us who can't imagine what they are railing about. By Mike Weland
Mark Sauter for Idaho House Seat 1A: Please elect Mark Sauter for our legislative district 1A seat in the Idaho House of Representatives. Mark is a traditional Republican, well known for his hard work in whatever task he takes on. Many of you may have met Mark through his fire outreach with Selkirk Fire. By Kennon & Jody McClintock
We face a choice May 17, let your voice be heard: My final thoughts on Idaho’s May 17 primary election are simple: Elections matter. If you don’t vote, you don’t count. In Idaho, it is the Republican primary that actually determines who is going to represent us, not the general election this fall. During the last 50 years in Idaho we - you and I - have built a state that is the envy of conservatives nationwide. It was built by those of us who have lived here, voted here and paid taxes here over the same period of time. By Darrell Kerby
Time to change county leadership: Is this a junkyard? According to your Boundary County Commissioners this is not a junkyard. To them, these aren't even pictures of a junkyard. To us, the neighbors who must live next to this, it most certainly is a junkyard. If it looks like one, smells like one, sounds like one, and conducts business like one, then it must be one. So why is it in an agricultural area? By John Poland
May 7
The awful price of lies: If the statistics of late hold, by this time next week, the United States will have lost one-million people to COVID-19, a number far disproportionate to the rest of the world, where 6,250,452 have died to date, according to Johns Hopkins. Of those, 997,503 are from the U.S. Our nation's failure wasn't because our physicians and scientists were lacking. No, we were led by a charismatic con man with a propensity for lying. A significant number of our citizens chose to give credence to the easily disproved lies they wanted to hear rather than the truths they didn't. By Mike Weland
Woodward has integrity, deserves our vote: As members of the Bonners Ferry community, we have known Jim Woodward, his wife Brenda, and their respective families for decades. However, many citizens, old and new alike, in Boundary and Bonner counties may be unaware of the full extent of service and representation Jim has provided us. By Dave and Brenda Walter
May 6
Idaho GOP is misunderstood: The new folks here seem to assume that Idaho republicans are a far-right, ultra-conservative group. We are not like the rust-belt states, nor the confederacy. Our history is rooted in demographics which are often at odds, politically. Specifically, union miners and ranchers have very little in common. By Gerald Higgs
We commend and endorse Sage Dixon: We endorse Sage Dixon, Idaho State Representative District 1B. Sage holds his office with honor, integrity, and a strong sense of community. He stood with us on lawns during wildfire meetings for the Alpine wildfire and the other fires that nearly took homes and property in our North Idaho neighborhoods. By Louise and Jim Peterson
May 5
Time to speak out ... and vote: I am haunted by the well-known quote of Pastor Martin Niemoller, who miraculously survived seven years in Nazi concentration camps because of his protests against Hitler. “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Socialist," he said. By Jo Len Everhart
May 4
Appears someone's lying: I read with dismay the letter of April 28 by a trio from Bonners Ferry. The trio claimed that Scott Herndon lied about Jim Woodward; that Jim Woodward is a conservative and that claims against him are funded by out of state money. Yet, all of the claims by the three letter writers are demonstrably false. By Dean Cannon
Supports Sauter for House seat: I had the opportunity to attend the Reader’s Candidate Forum for District 1 Senate and House Race on Tuesday May 3. The race that interests me most is for the open seat for the House of Representatives, Seat A. The candidate who was able to separate himself from the rest was Mark Sauter. By Bob Presta
May 3
Instead of fighting, let's keep the puddle wet: I'm not the sharpest cookie in the knife drawer, but I simply do not understand the brouhaha over abortion "rights." It just doesn't seem to me a legitimate topic of national discourse requiring political intervention any more than a man's right to get a vasectomy or a death bed patient's right to choose between advanced medical treatment or a dignified death in the comfort of familiar surroundings. By Mike Weland
With Critchfield, we got this! State Superintendent candidate Debbie Critchfield stands apart from her May 17 Republican primary competition. What distinguishes her is a “can do” attitude. While one of her opponents might make a good stand in for Waldo in “Where’s Waldo?” and the other likes to play the fear card in order to convince voters they are the helpless victims of the big, bad government, Critchfield shows her ability to bring people together to actually get things done. By Mary Ollie
April 29
Idiots don't run the show: On Thursday, Idaho House District 1 Representative Heather Scott held an event in a church in Kootenai, live streamed for those who couldn't attend, announced in an email with the subject line, "Smut in Our Idaho Libraries and What You Can Do About It." A gameplan, she wrote, to remove inappropriate materials from our schools and libraries. On his website, Idaho District 1 Senate candidate Scott Herndon lists as issues topics including transgenders in sports, critical race theory and strengthening parental rights over the sexual topics taught to their children in public schools. By Mike Weland, Publisher
April 28
Danger in the primary: What a sad and destructive situation that is occurring with our electoral system when a senatorial hopeful can slander, denigrate and lie about a sitting conservative, Republican Senator. Jim Woodward has been a thoughtful and intelligent Senator whose actions and service have been only what is best for Bonner and Boundary counties and the state of Idaho. By Dave Wattenbarger, Ken Irons and Ron Smith
April 27
Keep our good and faithful public servant: We are writing to voice our support to re-elect Dan Dinning for County Commissioner, District 3. After 20 years of service, it may seem like it’s time for change as sometimes longevity can create complacency; this is definitely not the case with Dan Dinning as our County Commissioner. Simply put, it would take another 20 years or more for someone else to gain the knowledge, create the networks and make the difference that Dan makes every day on behalf of Boundary County citizens. By Mitch and Rhonda Vogl
Herndon vs. Senator Woodward: Challenger Herndon spews nothing but hate, Sinking ever lower, he’s sealing his fate. Cluttering the land with massive mistruth, Does he think that will work when we go to the booth? By Bev Kee
We must do more to stop federal control: Enactment of new federal legislation often expands, rather than narrows, the federal government’s responsibilities. Examples include administering federal programs and payments, such as COVID relief. America is not made strong by a large central government that overspends. Rather, our country is strengthened by respecting the abilities of the individual, and limiting the federal government’s size and reach will help reduce spending and restore the balance of power established in the U.S. Constitution. By U.S. Senator Mike Crapo
April 26
To find some way to speak the truth: If you knew me, you would see my heart recently breaking for Bonners Ferry ... the place that I love, the people I cherish and the values that this community instilled in me. You would know that I feel cowardice every time I remain silent amongst family, friends and neighbors. Yet I often remain silent, and I do not share my name. Anonymous
April 25
Logical for RCC to vet candidates in primary: Recently Lester Pinkerton wrote that County Republican Central Committees ought not recommend some candidates over others in the Republican primary. Lester then admitted that it is okay if those same central committees to endorse, financially support and aid the Republicans that win the primary to win the general election in November. By Scott Herndon
April 24
Should RCC endorse? An emphatic 'no!' During the candidate forum at the high school last week I was given a terrific question that I would like to explain further. The question: Should the Republican Central Committees (RCC) endorse individual candidates prior to the primaries? My reply: Absolutely Not! The RCC should be a grass roots organization that is delegated to help Republican candidates reach out to the voting public, like this most recent candidate forum at the high school. By Lester Pinkerton
April 23
Two wings on the same bird: Those of the far right failed in insurrection yet have with great success subverted the grand old Republican Party to the point it is not recognizable anymore, and nigh bereft of the ideals for which it once stood so proudly. By Mike Weland, Publisher
April 22
Gaslighting, anyone? It is said that every lie contains a kernel of truth. Scott Herndon’s campaign messaging provides several examples. But that is not the most dangerous part. What Herndon does is put out false statements that contain that “kernel of truth.” By Mary Ollie
April 21
Not my circus, not my monkey? The news continues to tell us about the tragedies in Ukraine, in South America, in the Middle East, in Africa and right here in North Idaho. Drug overdose deaths, orphaned children, murder and abuse and scapegoating on vulnerable groups. By Steve Johnson
Don't count your chickens before they hatch: Candidate for State Senate District 1 Scott Herndon fully realized that his "support/recommendation/endorsement" by the Legislative District 1 (LD-1) Republican Committee was really a back-door attempt to circumvent any opposition from the member(s) of the Boundary County Republican Central Committee. Mr. Herndon has had ample opportunities to request an audience with the BCRCC in regards to any endorsement. Now he finds himself in a dilemma of his own creation. By Gerald B. Higgs
True Republicans believe in the rights of the individual: Some small but powerful Republican groups across the state are demanding absolute loyalty to their choice of candidates for the upcoming Idaho primary. They are driving a stake through the heart of the party, creating deep divisions, and pitting friends against friends. These groups want to determine the outcome of the election and believe that you, the voters, won’t choose correctly so they will do your thinking for you. By Idaho Senator Mary Souza
Don't be quick to judge: In his letter of April 20, Gerald Higgs states that I am “blatantly dishonest” in my mailer in which it was stated that the Boundary County Republican Central Committee supported me for State Senate. For a meeting on March 21, 2022, of the Legislative District 1 Republican Committee, the secretary’s minutes record that 25 precinct committeemen and one proxy of the joint Bonner and Boundary County Republican Central Committees met in Ponderay to endorse candidates for the LD1 legislative races. By Scott Herndon
April 20
Blatant lies unbecoming a candidate for state senator: Today, I received a Herndon mailer with a red checkmark implying endorsement by the "Boundary County Republican Central Committee." Later today, I was made aware by Mike Weland/9B.news of yet another mailer, (similarly designed) implying the same endorsement. I am aware that the Boundary County Republican Central Committee has not and will not endorse any candidates prior to the May 17, 2022, Republican Primary. By Gerald Higgs
There's but one chance, and the time is now: A definition of the word stupidity is "behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment." Too many who do possess good sense have tolerated abject stupidity in our politics and in our politicians for far too long, and we now find ourselves on a precipice as the stupid aggressively assert their supposed dominance while those who retain the ability to rationalize mistakenly think there is room for discussion, for reason, for tolerance. There isn't. By Mike Weland, Publisher
Idahoans deserve to witness the contest of ideas: Who needs debates in a time where 30-second advertisements funded by multinational corporations will suffice? Yes, it’s true, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor refused to participate in the debates. Three of us were invited by the Idaho Debate Commission to participate in the long-standing and cherished tradition. Unfortunately, both of my opponents retreated from the free exchange of ideas. This is a dangerous trend for Idaho. By gubernatorial candidate Ed Humphreys
Re-elect Senator Jim Woodward: I am still a registered Republican, but sometimes I feel like the Grand Old Party has changed so much that it is hardly recognizable. But the good news is that we have Conservative Republican Senator Jim Woodward, an excellent candidate for re-election in District 1 in the May 17 Republican primary, and he is committed to our North Idaho values and he has all the good character traits that we so desperately need in this crazy world. By Jo Len Everhart
Where was the outrage? Just gotta scratch your head at this. The mini-mayor of Moyie Springs, Steve Economu, and his council; Geoff Hollenbeck, Les Love, Deborah Rauth and Terri Johnson filed a lawsuit against me for a post that was 10 inches too close to the property line. The violation was so egregious it merited front page coverage in the Bonners Ferry Herald. By Rosanne Smith
April 18
Facing direct threat to our democracy: Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recently commented, "The greatest national security threat to the United States is the two-square-miles of the White House and the U.S. Capitol building." This comment was made in reference to the January 6, 2021, insurrection and some of the extremist elements currently camped out within the Republican Party. By Jerry Higgs
April 15
IFF has changed from helpful to vicious: Every other year, Idahoans decide who represents them in the Idaho Legislature. As a fifth generation Idahoan, and a candidate to continue representing my hometown of Nampa in the Idaho Senate, I believe voting is our patriotic duty. It’s our opportunity to choose our community leaders based on results and accountability. It’s not unusual for a political divide to exist. What is uncharacteristic, especially for Idahoans, is the nasty, contentious nature of this divide. By Idaho State Senator Jeff Agenbroad
April 14
On May 17, let your voice be heard: Idaho is a bastion for conservatives. This is not new. It is who we have been for years. This conservative environment is not under attack and is not at risk in Idaho. Candidates running on the Republican ticket who tell you it is are trying to create a crisis that doesn’t exist and by using the smoking mirror tactic in order to garner your vote. By Darrell Kerby
April 13
No 'Christmas lists' in Idaho legislation: Jody McClintock stated in her letter of April 6, 2022 that “If you know how bills in the House and Senate work, you will know that they are never about just one issue.” Her letter refers to the Idaho legislature and claims that bills are filled with “everyone’s Christmas list.” By Scott Herndon
April 12
Letter writer's claims are wrong: In a letter dated April 6 and titled “Truth Matters,” Robin Lundgren stated that Scott Herndon “claims Jim (Woodward) voted against HB666.” It is interesting that in striving for the truth, Ms. Lundgren states an untruth. Nowhere has Herndon claimed anything about Woodward’s vote on HB666 because Herndon knows that bill never came up for a vote in the senate nor any committee that included Jim Woodward. By Julian Hayslett
April 6
Truth matters: In an election year the truth is especially important. So let’s look at just a couple of truths involving our current state senator from District 1, Jim Woodward. By Robin Lundgren
The art of cherry picking and/or emotional manipulation: It is interesting to me how certain candidates’ cherry pick their hot button issues. If you know how bills in the House and Senate work, you will know that they are never about just one issue. Indeed, they seem to be packed with everyone’s Christmas list. I believe it takes a dedicated, intelligent person of integrity and sound judgment to sort that list of issues. By Jody McClintock
Supporting charitable giving: In Idaho, charitable organizations stepped up to serve Idahoans when they needed it the most during the darkest days of the pandemic. The nonprofit sector adapted to the COVID-19 situation incredibly well, often fulfilling their missions with fewer resources and volunteers or even cancelled events, all while ensuring the communities they serve were being helped. By Mike Crapo
April 3
North Idaho a microcosm of the melting pot: Under state law, county political party central committees have great latitude in establishing the rules and guidelines by which they operate, and we in North Idaho are seeing, as never before, the differences evident in the approaches of one party's committees and the political impact of the rules they establish. How Idaho Republicans respond in the May 17 primary election will have significant affect on the course of our state's history, and similar scenarios are playing out nationwide. By Mike Weland
Air Force vet questions writer's credentials: In regard to Mary Ollie’s March 13 letter in support of Jim Woodward published in 9B News, I recommend everyone take a closer look, not just at him, but at her too. Through the years, I've read Ms. Ollie's numerous writings in a few Hagadone editions and a variety of other web media outlets. She always claims to be a Republican with a caveat; she thinks the GOP is mean spirited and doesn't represent her. By Mike Franco
April 1
May 17 will matter like no other day -- vote! We live in interesting times, times in which the word "liberty" means the exact opposite of the definition given in the dictionary, in which "patriots" are the very people our forefathers fought against and warned us about and where the proud flag of our nation has come to denote the antithesis of the principals upon which this nation was founded. We live in interesting times ... and how we vote, or don't vote May 17, 2022, will matter like never before in our nation's history.
IFF comrades undermining Idaho politics: Political lies ... If you have received junk mail recently slamming Boundary and Bonner County’s native son, Senator Jim Woodward, you can expect to receive a flurry of more of the same as Idaho’s primary election gets nearer. This vicious and lying misinformation campaign is a tactic being used like never before in our Great State of Idaho.
March 31
Selective legislative outrage costs us all: A recent letter expressed concerns about materials available to all users in possession of a Boundary County library card. Key word is all. It is my library too. I stand with the library director. The letter writer then goes on to describe the contents of novels that should be, or already are, restricted. By Rosanne Smith
Where are the lies? In a letter dated March 28, Mr. Albert Sullivan claims that he read three of Scott Herndon's mailers while vacationing in Moyie Springs. Mr. Sullivan then stated that "these mailers are outright lies" and even wrote that Herndon got "his wife * to lie for him -- doubly pathetic." By Arlene Herndon
March 28
Herndon spreading lies about a good public servant: While visiting Moyie Springs this weekend, I read the Scott Herndon's mailers, three of them in total, that were in the vacation rental house at which we were staying. Since I work around the State Capital building in Boise, I am familiar with many of the Senators and House members. By Albert Sullivan
March 27
Open letter to legislators on peril of diluting education: I am a mother of two middle-school boys who have been educated by Lake Pend Oreille School District Schools since the first grade. I am disappointed in the numerous bills that have been proposed this session that attack public education and educators. So many of these issues are straight out the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) playbook, and it's time those who have been elected to represent Idahoans stop listening to outside agitators. By Barbara Schriber
March 26
Take steps to protect our kids from eyebrow-raising library materials: A few weeks ago I learned that parents across the nation are trying to ban certain library materials. Some of these materials really raised my eyebrows. These materials have words, photos and videos with sex and even racism. The alarming part is how the library will allow any age to check these items out. Luckily, most on the list of questionable materials were not in our library, but a couple were! By Adrienne Norris
March 21
Mudslinging campaign mailer a disgrace to local politics: In politics negative campaigning or "mud slinging" has long been frowned upon. An honorable candidate focuses upon his or her attributes while refraining from insulting an opponent. We still see negative campaigning in national politics but it is extremely rare in local Idaho races. By Jim Cadnum
March 13
Woodward listens: The contrast between state Senator Jim Woodward, R-Sagle, and several members of the Idaho Legislature is striking. Woodward understands how representative government works. Others overreach and ignore the voices of voters. The contrast was apparent March 2 when members of the House State Affairs Committee essentially told those testifying, “It doesn’t matter what you say, our minds are made up.” By Mary Ollie
March 12
Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more: Pardon my late start to this letter, but I had to "give directions" to an unwanted telemarketer. Get my drift? Friday was the filing deadline for candidates desiring to run for local and statewide offices. After reading the names, I just sat there shaking my head. There are a few good souls on that list who have or will serve us well, but what I find troubling is a general lack of quality from the field as a whole. By Gerald Higgs
March 10
Federal money? Spend it: The selective outrage over “federal” monies is puzzling. In 2020, the City of Moyie Springs took one million “federal” dollars and gave to EL Automation for half mile of internet to an area already served. Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin accepted $314,000 of “federal” PPP monies. as did many of your neighbors. A private contractor, BC Ambulance, requests a large slice of the “federal” pie be handed to them. By Rosanne Smith
March 8
Continue to support future generations: In 1947, Boundary County voters elected to consolidate all schools into one district, thus creating Boundary County School District #101. At that time, BCSD #101 consisted of a single high school, the "Northside School," the "Southside School," Naples Elementary and a variety of one-room schoolhouses spread throughout the county. By Ron MacDonald
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Mike Weland, Publisher

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