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'Righteous right' lack sense to realize they're stepping in it

July 2, 2021

By Jim Cadnum, Bonners Ferry

Since the Bonner County Republican Committee called for Jim Woodward’s resignation, there have been numerous responses in the form of letters to the editors of several media outlets. Letters from Jim’s supporters far outnumber those from detractors. I ponder if these committee members have enough sense to realize that they have committed a major political blunder.

Jim is a logical conservative Republican. He is concerned for the well-being of all the citizens of District 1.

The Central Committee members are right wing extremists who have managed to weasel their way into control of the Bonner County Republican party.

They obviously care only for themselves and those who agree with them.

Thanks to Helen Newton for providing a list of these 30 people in her letter. I am a Boundary County resident so I only recognize five names on the list. Included is the name of a timber thief who plans to run in the primary election next May. The name of a legislator who is known for outrageous comments and actions stands out. This person is a pawn for the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF).

IFF is a Boise based subversive organization that intimidates legislators. The leaders assign points based upon whether or not a representative or senator votes on bills in a way that meets their approval.

They manage to fool a portion of the population into believing that they are guarding their freedom. Because Jim Woodward is an independent thinker, he receives a low score from IFF.

I suggest that when voting in May you refuse to support a single member of the Bonner County Republican Central Committee who is running for office. Furthermore, do not vote for any candidate who receives a high score from IFF.

By following these guidelines, the chances of making wise choices are in your favor.
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