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Though it's an off-year election, every vote November 2 is critical

October 17, 2021

By Mike Weland

Many voters don't see the election just ahead as important; they instead look to the midterms of 2022 or the presidential election of 2024. Those thinking that way are making a big ... possibly huge ... mistake. In nearly every race on ballots across the nation, candidates are running not so much to serve in positions of public trust but rather to ensure that the groundwork is laid for the "critical" elections ahead in which "true" conservatives will walk into offices of real power, where they can ensure the salvation of the sacred hegemony for just a little while longer.

Many think the upcoming election is not worth the bother, but it's an extremely safe bet that those seeking to Make America Great Again are standing by in droves to do their civic duty and take advantage of off-election ennui.

If MAGA is the future you hope for, you are absolutely right to vote that way. That’s the beauty of our constitutional republic; it allows us all a say.
No matter your political leanings, please vote on or by Tuesday, November 2. Don't let any candidate with whom you disagree sneak in. Make them earn their place by winning a true majority.
Responses ...
October 24, 2021
I'm curious, what do you not like about MAGA?
Phillip Bourassa
October 24, 2021
Oh goodness ... where to begin? In my view, MAGA is a cult of personality formed around a man who has no scruples and whose only concern is himself, one who, despite every advantage in life, has accomplished nothing of merit on his own. His only true talent, as proven throughout his four years as president, is as a con-artist. He possesses none of the traits I was taught early on to associate with strength and character; honesty, humility, courage, but many I associate with weakness, cowardice and fear.

Like the singular man it revolves around, the MAGA movement is concerned only with its particular group, primarily white evangelical Christians, and it begrudges, belittles and degrades any not fitting its clique. Their politics are destructive, their rhetoric hate filled and their actions inimical to the Constitution of the United States of America, a document I once took an oath to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I still abide that oath.

Rather than logic and common sense, they hold in esteem far-fetched Q Anon conspiracy theories and politically weaponized insanities such as ivermectin instead of a vaccine tested safe and proven effective, or that putting on a simple mask is but the action of a conformist, socialist sheep.

And most egregious, they defend their stupidity with loud and insensible invective and callous threats. I hate rude behavior in a man. I won't tolerate it.

Instead of truth they prefer propaganda and so get "news" from sources that give them what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear, liars such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, et al, and they stand against any with the temerity to try to convince them of their ovine stupidity. When confronted with truth, they clamp shut their ears and intone the scripturals ... many, many words that say not a thing but have oft repeated snippets of phrases sufficient that those listening will hear what they want to hear on a regular cycle, and so proclaim the infallibility of the Lord and Savior Donald J. Trump himself.

Thus they shine in self-perceived glory while the rest of us wonder how they see in the dark.

Instead of civic organizations of long and valued service that bring communities together, they rally to and call upon groups such as the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, the Redoubt ... groups that set "us" against "them." Those groups are not who we are.

By their blind stupidity, they abetted and still abet the mishandling of a pandemic such that this United States unreasonably and unjustifiably suffered the ill effects of a new strain of a known vector, a virus, more than any other nation in the world. We, once a beacon of global hope that led the world in scientific endeavor.

Following the guidance of their adored leader, MAGA-nuts with bully bluster and ill-manners concoct enemies where none exist and build walls to keep us in line and our focus away from the true enemies already occupying the high places in our midst. And when the majority who recognize the evil folly and by a narrow margin vote the bum out, the bum and his rabid sycophants concoct an inane "big lie" and his MAGA buy into it, resulting in an insurrection, an act of treason.

They continue even today, with lies, baseless threats, innuendo and misdirection their chief tools, hewing away at the foundations of a government created by the people, of the people and for the people, dedicated to the proposition that all men, all her citizens, are created equal.

Listen to them. They insist still that they and theirs have been and still are just a little more equal, endowed by their Creator with just a bit greater share of those certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that such favor is their birthright, their due.

They tear down rather than build up, prefer the self serving lie to the demanding truth, foster division and segregation rather than unity. Build fear rather than instill hope.

These things are, in my mind, inimical to the just and fair society the founding fathers of this nation worked so diligently to create, the societal mores I grew up appreciating. I've always known we were nowhere close to the ideal but that the goal was the most worthy of aspirations.

Forgive me, sir. I cannot believe in or condone any person, a politician, a twice impeached, a one term president ... who sees honor in either of the two photos below or who fails to see the difference between them.
I cannot believe in or condone any group of citizens of this nation who think as Donald J. Trump does, who agree with and stand up for such a poor example of a man, thinking him a savior, a leader, an example to emulate.

I appreciate and will share the words of all candidates whose names are on the ballot, but I will not give my vote to any candidate in my precinct who shirks real and legitimate everyday issues so as to conjure the made up MAGA monster cacophony or sound the idiotic ram's horn of Q-conspiracy.

In my mind, you MAGA kids just ain't right. You scream for privileges unearned, calling them rights, while ignoring a semblance of responsibility. You worship a man of low moral esteem, thinking he cares for you, his flock, yet you have gained nothing. You have been lied to. Led by the nose.

You gratefully and with glee smite those who aren't in with you and who don't agree with your orange shepherd, but you get angered beyond comprehension when a cripple with a keyboard calls you out. Me being the cripple, I gratefully and with glee poke ye in the ass with my sharp little stick, knowing the attending tizzy will be all fur and fury, but little tooth or substance.

I'm not a wise man, Mr. Bourassa, and I'm not above admitting I could be wrong. Tell me, what do you like about MAGA?
Mike Weland
You described Joe Biden to a T. And a cult? Seriously? You make the same mistake with Trump as the Leftist mind made with Limbaugh. You believe it is about a man when it is about ideals.

America is a great country and has had net positive impact on the world. Government is too massive for freedom to endure. While we believe some of this crazy gender stuff is crazy we believe it is your right to be crazy, just don't try to force us to acknowledge it as normal. Don't get me started on cancel culture, climate change and the great reset, to name a few extreme leftist positions.

We believe that immigration is a good thing if done in control. The massive waves of people invading from the southern border is not how immigration should be done. The reason Trump found success is due to him addressing these issues. The people who came to support Trump with vigor already believed all of these positions were right for America.

And, just like Rush, he gave voice to them on a national level. Our side is dominated by people who are unwilling to rise up against what is obviously becoming a tyrannical state. I think your evaluation of him personally is off. Yes, he has flaws. Just like you. Just like many popular leftist past and present.

What if the next champion of the right is not Trump but say, Desantis? I doubt you will think any better of him. But the direction he chose for the country was better than anything we are getting now.
Phillip Bourassa
Sir, I grew up listening to similar tales of greatness about a national leader, as my mom spoke of him often and with admiration. Her comments were just the same; a great leader, misunderstood, did more for the country than anyone before, restored its pride. Heard her put downs for those who disagreed. Heard her extol his high ideals.

She was born in Bavaria in 1940. The leader she spoke of was Adolph Hitler.

I didn't buy it from her, either.
Mike Weland

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