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On Tuesday, let your voices be heard: VOTE!

November 31, 2021

Idaho’s parents and educators, you care deeply about your students and their education. You support your schools and teachers in many ways — and voting is the most effective means to voice what you want for your children. As students’ most powerful advocates, it is imperative that you speak up at the ballot box.

Parents and educators, you are arguably the best-informed voters in any election that involves your schools because you witness the needs, challenges and successes of your school districts every day. You also know the goals and dreams of your students and are passionate about supporting those aspirations. While every citizen of Idaho is impacted by education in our state, some citizens are more directly, more immediately, and more profoundly affected than any other voters: the parents of current students and the educators who serve them.

Idaho Education News reported last week that 48 Idaho school districts will have contested school board elections on Nov. 2. These elections are critically important to our schools and communities. School board members are representatives of the community’s core values and beliefs in developing policies and making important decisions for their neighborhood schools.

Parent turnout has been historically low for school board elections.

Several school districts in North Idaho report fewer than 20-percent of parents voted in recent elections. A majority of these districts’ parents did not exercise their right to vote and thus did not have a voice in choosing the district leaders whose decisions would directly impact their children on a daily basis.

Effective representation can happen only if everyone votes. Board elections are intended to be non-partisan. Local decisions are best made by those in the community who will make serving our students their highest priority.

History is replete with examples of elections decided by only a handful of votes, especially where voter turnout is generally light.

Parents and educators, you do so much every day for your children and students.

Take time to learn about the candidates in your district. Decide who will best represent you and who will best serve the students in whose lives and educations you have invested so much. Your single vote could make a tremendous difference in the trajectory of your school district.

And on Tuesday, November 2, let your voices be heard. Vote!

Region I School Superintendents Association:

Jan Bayer, Boundary County
Tom Albertson, Lake Pend Oreille
Paul Ansemo, West Bonner
Dr. Shon Hocker, Coeur d’Alene
Alicia Holthaus, St. Maries
Todd Howard, Wallace
Dr. Becky Meyer, Lakeland
Russ Mitchell, Plummer-Worley
Dena Naccarazto, Post Falls
Lance Pearson, Kellogg
Wade Pilloud, Kootenai
Les Wells, Mullan
Brad Patzer, Idaho Digital Learning Alliance Region I
And retired Idaho superintendents Dr. Don Coberly, Teresa Fabricius, Wil Overgaard and Dr. Geoffrey Thomas

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