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Building Bridges – Neighbor to Neighbor

November 20, 2021

Not too long ago, I noticed a new billboard just south of Bonners Ferry. The words “Building Bridges – Neighbor to Neighbor” stood out. This got me thinking about neighbors. When I was growing up, I started understanding that neighbors are like the two pieces of land the bridge connects.

The water between acts as a boundary.

Growing up in rural Minnesota, my brothers and sisters and I played with the neighbor kids who lived a quarter mile up the road. We participated in 4-H together, as did our mothers. Each of the moms brought different skills and we kids benefited. However, it was very clear that my mother did not approve of how Mrs. M raised her kids. Also very clear was the message that Mrs. M would raise her kids her way and my mom would raise us as she saw fit.

It was an early lesson in boundaries and mutual respect. The bridge that connected us was mutual respect.

This brings me to Bonners Ferry and Boundary County and the billboard. "Building Bridges – Neighbor to Neighbor" benefits all of us.

It’s good for business as it’s a way to broaden the customer base. It’s good for education because our children and grandchildren benefit from an introduction to a variety of skills and talents. It’s good for all of us.
Mary Ollie
Bonners Ferry

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