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Must be a curse to so fear the federal government

January 30, 2022

It is hard to believe that protesters (mostly new residents to the county) verbally chastise the Bonners Ferry City Council over the purchase of a snowblower using federal grant money. They also visited the county commission complaining about the county use of the same funds for the potential purchase of an emergency response vehicle. Really?

I would guess most county residents support using federal funds to help purchase needed city and county equipment. This is our federal income tax money being returned to us taxpayers and it helps to keep our property taxes lower. If there were strings attached to using these funds, I am confident that the city and county officials would weigh their options and then do what they thought was right.

The members of the Bonners Ferry City Council and the Boundary County Commission are all long-term residents and are rational, intelligent, respected citizens. They are very capable of making good decisions for our community.

I think we all support the right for public comment on public matters but slandering these council members is lame. I hope these protestors are not representative of most new residents moving to Boundary County. It must be quite a curse to be so fearful of the federal government.
Kennon McClintock
Moyie Springs

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