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Continue to support future generations

March 8, 2022

In 1947, Boundary County voters elected to consolidate all schools into one district, thus creating Boundary County School District #101. At that time, BCSD #101 consisted of a single high school, the "Northside School," the "Southside School," Naples Elementary and a variety of one-room schoolhouses spread throughout the county.

In fall of 1948, the Valley View and Mt. Hall Elementary school buildings were constructed to prepare for continued population growth.

There have been many changes over the past 75 years but, in Idaho, it remains the local community’s responsibility to build facilities that are safe, efficient, conducive to learning and able to accommodate all students.

Over the years, BCSD #101 has been innovative, resourceful and responsible with its facilities, and since 2014 the school board has placed even more emphasis on the condition of its buildings.

It has become clear that the aging buildings and population growth in Boundary County have put us in a situation that must be addressed now. This summer we are adding additional classrooms at Naples Elementary.
Extensive plumbing and remodeling projects are scheduled to begin at Mt. Hall as soon as school lets out for summer break. Just a few years ago, the entire Mt. Hall septic field collapsed with one week left of school. The district had to postpone other necessary maintenance projects to fund the emergency replacement.

We are hoping to avoid a similar situation with Mt. Hall’s plumbing infrastructure.

Valley View Elementary has served this community well. Many of this community’s grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren have walked its halls and spent recess on its playground. As second graders in 1976, my classmates and I moved into the new, “temporary” portable building at Valley View.

Those temporary portable buildings are still in use at Valley View today.

To me, Valley View is living history. But it is time to make it just that, history.  Through efficiency and transparency, it is our utmost priority to save taxpayer’s hard earned money. With this being said, for the past two years the dedicated members of the facilities committee have been working diligently to create the best plan of action for our district.

I am so appreciative of all the citizens who supported the education of my generation and continued to support the education of my children’s generation. I hope you will join me in voting to approve the bond on today, so we may continue to support the education of future generations within Boundary County.
Ron MacDonald
Chair, Boundary County School District 101 Board of Trustees

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