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Federal money? Spend it

March 10, 2022

The selective outrage over “federal” monies is puzzling. In 2020, the City of Moyie Springs took one million “federal” dollars and gave to EL Automation for half mile of internet to an area already served. Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin accepted $314,000 of “federal” PPP monies. as did many of your neighbors. A private contractor, BC Ambulance, requests a large slice of the “federal” pie be handed to them.

A newly elected school board member wishes to appoint a committee instead of trusting answers provided by the very staff tasked with knowing the ins and outs of the budget.

Since government generates no income and only takes money, it seems to me this is money our elected politicians took from us to be redistributed. As is the case with many of your taxes.

All this selective outrage over a snow plow, yet your state (local) government is voting on or has voted for:
  • A law which gave Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg a “do not pay” sales tax law.
  • Making it a crime to take your neighbor's ballot to the mail.
  • Banning ballot boxes.
  • Mandating there can be no mandates (i.e., stripping away local control).
  • Legal notices no longer printed – only available on the internet.
  • A legislator wants to do away with all front license plates because it is inconvenient for a Porsche owner.
  • Controlling, from Boise, what your local library offers and arresting librarians.
  • No election will be held if the incumbent is unopposed.

This is only a short list.

Every facet of your life is touched and controlled by “federal” monies. From birth to death. So, when Grandma sends you a birthday card with money in it? Spend it. Local Matters.
Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs

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