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Where are the lies?

March 31, 2022

In a letter dated March 28, Mr. Albert Sullivan claims that he read three of Scott Herndon's mailers while vacationing in Moyie Springs. Mr. Sullivan then stated that "these mailers are outright lies" and even wrote that Herndon got "his wife * to lie for him -- doubly pathetic."

Well, I am Scott Herndon's wife. On the mailer, I pointed out that Jim Woodward voted to allow boys to play in girls' sports. How else should I say that Jim Woodward voted with the Democrats against House Bill 500 on 3/16/2020? The bill passed anyway and banned boys from girls' sports.

Then, on 4/7/2021, Senator Woodward voted in favor of Senate Concurrent Resolution 107 that would have started granting Idaho driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, which is precisely what I wrote on the mailer.

In point #3 of my letter, I wrote about House Bill 293, which would have given parents options for in-school instruction if the regular school for their children remained closed during Covid. In the Senate Education Committee on 3/15/21, Senator Woodward voted against sending HB 293 to the Senate floor, effectively killing the bill.

Then last year, Senator Woodward voted in favor of senate bill 1193, which was to grant $6 million to the Idaho Assoc. for the Education of Young Children (IDAEYC). The bill barely passed the Senate but was not heard in the House when it was shown the materials provided by IDAEYC and their parent organization included critical race theory and social justice ideology for kids ages 5 to 7.

Finally, I wrote that for three years in a row, Senator Woodward killed a popular house bill that would have increased parental authority, requiring their opt-in permission for the schools to teach their children eroticism, homosexuality and gender identity. Woodward was on record in the senate education committee voting against house bill 249 on 4/7/21. The minutes of that meeting show that Planned Parenthood and the ACLU opposed the bill, and so did senator Woodward as he voted against the bill.

So, what precisely on these mailers is a lie when, in fact, all of the details are documented facts of Senator Jim Woodward's voting record?
Arlene Herndon

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