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IFF comrades undermining Idaho politics

April 1, 2022

Political lies ... If you have received junk mail recently slamming Boundary and Bonner County’s native son, Senator Jim Woodward, you can expect to receive a flurry of more of the same as Idaho’s primary election gets nearer. This vicious and lying misinformation campaign is a tactic being used like never before in our Great State of Idaho.

Largely brought in by a handful of malcontented and far right extremists, this vicious and sinister mail campaign has rarely been part of our normal election process.

The group behind these junk mail campaigns, operating under the banner of the word “Freedom” and their use of propaganda lies by the unelected Idaho Freedom Foundation, has done more to undermine the credibility of the Idaho Republican Party than any other group during my lifetime.

Their dark clandestine misinformation and outrageous baseless claims and lying campaigns directed at those Republican elected officials who dare to vote based on their own intellectual understanding has done more damage to the Idaho Legislature than any other sleazy political lobbying group in history.

These self-appointed comrades came to power and took advantage of the complacency of the Idaho voter, which was only elevated when they were successful in making the Republican Primary a closed one. All of a sudden thousands of Idahoans who considered themselves conservatives were barred from voting in the Republican primary because they did not feel it necessary to formally join the Republican Party.

It is too bad libel and slander laws make telling blatant lies about political candidates outside of their protection, which most people don’t understand. Since it is “mostly” legal to freely lie, Idahoans are being flooded across the state with attack material as vicious as routinely found in any communist nation.
Darrel Kerby
Bonners Ferry

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