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Air Force vet questions writer's credentials

April 3, 2022

In regard to Mary Ollie’s March 13 letter in support of Jim Woodward published in 9B News, I recommend everyone take a closer look, not just at him, but at her too. Through the years, I've read Ms. Ollie's numerous writings in a few Hagadone editions and a variety of other web media outlets. She always claims to be a Republican with a caveat; she thinks the GOP is mean spirited and doesn't represent her.

But closer to reality is that Ollie is a special pleader for government schools and the Democrat establishment. In a recent Kootenai Valley Times opinion piece, she begged us to “vote Trump out.” Now I'm beginning to wonder if I should file a civil tort claim for whiplash.

In her "Bonners Ferry too great" letter published April 29, 2021, in the Bonners Ferry Herald, Ollie indicated a type of repressed memory trauma from the McCarthy era and her father's "Bircher" days. Mary's dad, a WWII tail gunner, she wrote, has since passed away. The poor gentleman and war hero was likely to have bona fide flashbacks, and is from a grave having to be concerned over his distressed daughter.

And during the course of Miss Ollie's "public service," she instructs us about civility and collectivism, and that we all need to abide by vaccine mandates. So I'm not surprised she endorsed Jim Woodward for the Idaho Senate because he's "reasonable" and just wants to "have a conversation."

So behind an “R,” she pushes a perennially place holder of which I suggest a better caption for her letter to read, “Support Woodward – Man of Half Measures.”
Mike Franco
Clark Fork
Former Veterans Service Officer and Air Force Major, Retired

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