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Truth matters

April 6, 2022

In an election year the truth is especially important. So let’s look at just a couple of truths involving our current state senator from District 1, Jim Woodward.

Jim’s opponent claims Jim voted against HB 666 (the so-called ‘library bill’ involving harmful materials) when it came up for a vote in the Idaho Senate during the recent legislative session. The truth? Jim never voted against that bill because HB 666 never came up for a vote in the Senate!

Another example: Jim’s opponent has claimed that Senator Woodward voted to issue driver licenses to illegal immigrants by supporting SCR 107 last year. SCR 107 was actually a Senate resolution which called for a study regarding granting driver licenses to illegal immigrants. There is no Idaho law; Jim simply chose the prudent option to study the matter.

Like I said truth matters. Please remember that when you go to the polls this spring. Thank you.
Robin Lundgren
Bonners Ferry

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