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The art of cherry picking and/or emotional manipulation

April 6, 2022

It is interesting to me how certain candidates’ cherry pick their hot button issues. If you know how bills in the House and Senate work, you will know that they are never about just one issue. Indeed, they seem to be packed with everyone’s Christmas list.

I believe it takes a dedicated, intelligent person of integrity and sound judgment to sort that list of issues, weigh the soundness of the bill, its good points and bad, then vote accordingly.

We have that in Jim Woodward as our state Senator.

Yet the mob of opportunists and those with extremist viewpoints jump in with moral outrage and self-righteous indignation, wagging their finger at one flash point in a bill, and say see, he voted against this, or voted in favor of that.

Is telling half the truth as the whole truth, any different than telling lies?
Jody McClintock
Bonners Ferry

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