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Letter writer's claims are wrong

April 12, 2022

In a letter dated April 6 and titled “Truth Matters,” Robin Lundgren stated that Scott Herndon “claims Jim (Woodward) voted against HB666.” It is interesting that in striving for the truth, Ms. Lundgren states an untruth. Nowhere has Herndon claimed anything about Woodward’s vote on HB666 because Herndon knows that bill never came up for a vote in the senate nor any committee that included Jim Woodward.

Ms. Lundgren then writes that Mr. Woodward did not support giving driver licenses to illegal immigrants. Scott Herndon’s website clearly states that SCR107 “began a process to grant Idaho driver licenses to illegal immigrants.” The text of SCR107 declares that “the State of Idaho and other states are faced with increasing populations of residents whose presence is not in accord with federal immigration law” and that “opportunity and economic participation for Idaho residents (including illegal immigrants) is limited when they have no driving privileges.”

SCR107 then goes on to form a committee to study and direct “the adoption of a system for the authorization of driving privileges that would be available to all residents of Idaho,” including criminal immigrants. Jim Woodward voted in favor of the resolution, but fortunately it was killed in the Idaho House.

Scott Herndon would have opposed such a scheme since Idaho should not reward criminal immigrants with the State’s authorization to be present and drive in Idaho.
Julian Hayslett

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