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No 'Christmas lists' in Idaho legislation

April 13, 2022

Jody McClintock stated in her letter of April 6, 2022, that “If you know how bills in the House and Senate work, you will know that they are never about just one issue.” Her letter refers to the Idaho legislature and claims that bills are filled with “everyone’s Christmas list.”

Ms. McClintock is confusing the Idaho legislature with the US Congress, and her assertion about Idaho legislative bills is wrong. In fact, the Idaho Constitution states in Article III, Section 16 that “Every act shall embrace but one subject”. This means bills in Idaho can only address one subject, not a disconnected laundry list. This is strictly enforced by the Legislative Services Office in the Idaho legislature and is why most bills in Idaho are one or two pages.

The good news for the voters is that it is very easy to discern the content of a bill, and the legislators know exactly what they are voting on.
Scott Herndon

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