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On May 17, let your voice be heard

April 14, 2022

Idaho is a bastion for conservatives. This is not new. It is who we have been for years. This conservative environment is not under attack and is not at risk in Idaho. Candidates running on the Republican ticket who tell you it is are trying to create a crisis that doesn’t exist and by using the smoking mirror tactic in order to garner your vote.

These folks really do not understand Idahoans. We are people who believe that government should be limited in its scope, frugal and efficient in it use of its citizens' money, provide for public education for all with local school board control, provide for public protection, police, courts and efficient roads and transportation systems, health and safety nets for those citizens who find themselves in a temporary need or require care due to disabilities that prohibit self care, protection for our most vulnerable, and a business environment free of needless expensive bureaucracy and overwhelming regulation.

We are not people who hate others just because they may look different, pray different or think different.

We do not believe ours school are teaching our children left-leaning or right leaning agendas but instead we believe the schools generally reflect the community in which they are located.

We do not support white nationalist or any other racist extremists.

We want our brand of Republican conservatism to be in control of the federal government to make sure our individual freedoms protected by the Constitution are not watered down by the government growing into socialism where governments becomes all controlling.

Let’s keep Idaho the way it has been. Don’t be sucked in by the radical right that would take Idaho into the self destructive arena of the far right. Let's not allow them to destroy Idaho’s version of conservatism, that has kept us Idaho strong.

Idahoans: Will your Voice be heard? Only by voting in the Republican primary will you have a true say in who will be your next elected official. Don’t let only 30 some percent of the Idaho registered voters decide who will be elected next.

The last primary was an historic record turn out and the percentage was only 38%.

On May 17, Idaho’s next elected officials will be chosen. Due to the large majority held in Idaho by the Republican Party, it is the Republican primary that will essentially choose who will be elected, not the general election held in November.

It is now too late if you are a registered Democrat to vote in the Republican Primary. However, if you are currently an “unaffiliated” voter, you can vote in the Republican primary by coming to the polls on election day and simply requesting a Republican ballot.

Of course, if you are currently a registered Republican, the only way you would not be able to have your voice heard is by not voting. This year let your voice be heard.

Darrell Kerby
Bonners Ferry

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