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Blatant lies unbecoming a candidate for state senator

April 20, 2022

Today, I received a Herndon mailer with a red checkmark implying endorsement by the "Boundary County Republican Central Committee." Later today, I was made aware by Mike Weland/9B.news of yet another mailer, (similarly designed) implying the same endorsement. I am aware that the Boundary County Republican Central Committee has not and will not endorse any candidates prior to the May 17, 2022, Republican Primary.

I did have discussions today with Senator Jim Woodward, Glenda Poston and Wilma DeVore. Like me, they were disappointed that any candidate would stoop to making such a false claim. These claims serve to discredit the folks of this county who serve admirably on the BCRCC.

I feel that such rank dishonesty will not be tolerated.

I am aware of some online postings disavowing this BCRCC-alleged endorsement of Scott Herndon. I would hope that BCRCC draft a single letter with all the signatures of the full committee and submit this letter to all appropriate news and social media outlets.

It is a dirty shame that a lot of the folks receiving these mailers will never find out this endorsement never occurred ...

Personally, I wouldn't vote for Scott Herndon if he ran on the ballot for dog-catcher!
Gerald B. Higgs
Bonners Ferry

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