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Where was the outrage?

April 20, 2022

Just gotta scratch your head at this. The mini-mayor of Moyie Springs, Steve Economu, and his council; Geoff Hollenbeck, Les Love, Deborah Rauth and Terri Johnson filed a lawsuit against me for a post that was 10 inches too close to the property line. The violation was so egregious it merited front page coverage in the Bonners Ferry Herald.

It was claimed that the post presented a hazard for firemen. Not the power boxes, internet boxes and mailboxes planted next to fire hydrants?

Now a brand spankin’ new home sets so close to the front property line that when they park in front of the garage, the vehicle will be in the street. So much for fire truck access. Also, the site permit seems to have undergone yet another revision. Just draw a square, pay $25 and build.

Unless you’re one of the select few with a target on your back. Then eagle-eyed city employees will be able to spot discrepancies of mere inches.

Where oh where was the outrage at this local abuse of power? Will this owner be asked to tear the building down? Move it? I was.
Rosanne Smith
Moyie Springs

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