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Not my circus, not my monkey?

Not my circus, not my monkey?
April 21, 2022

The news continues to tell us about the tragedies in Ukraine, in South America, in the Middle East, in Africa and right here in North Idaho. Drug overdose deaths, orphaned children, murder and abuse and scapegoating on vulnerable groups.

Is it true that this is not my circus and these are not my people? Might someone in the homeless encampment be a relative or a potential friend? Might the gay elementary student being bullied in the playground be worthy of my compassion? Are we our brothers keepers?

Perhaps John Donne was correct a couple hundred years ago when he said: “No person is an island, complete unto themselves. Each of us is part of the main. So do not ask for whom the death bell tolIs. It tolls for me.”
Steve Johnson

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