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Gaslighting, anyone?

April 22, 2022

It is said that every lie contains a kernel of truth. Scott Herndon’s campaign messaging provides several examples. But that is not the most dangerous part. What Herndon does is put out false statements that contain that “kernel of truth.”

When he is called out about his statements being incomplete or misleading as several writers have done, I’ve noticed that the messaging is modified. Then another writer or Herndon himself proclaims that other people are spreading lies.

Two examples come to mind. One is Herndon’s campaign mailer stating that, “Liberal Jim voted to grant driver licenses to CRIMINAL illegal immigrants.”

When a letter writer exposed that Senator Woodward supported a committee to study the issue, Herndon’s message was “Senator Woodward voted to begin the process ...”

While still not the truth, the altered message was enough to provide grist for a letter charging that lies were being spread about Herndon.

The latest example is the so-called endorsement by the Boundary County Republican Central Committee. The reluctance of the group to endorse is known and the latest public example was the comments at the candidate forum held on April 14.

I’ve been checking Herndon’s website for news and updates and did not see any claims about an endorsement by the Boundary County Central Committee until April 20.

Herndon’s recent letter fits a pattern. Wrap a lie in that little kernel of truth. When confronted about the rest of the story, create a false narrative and make people question their own judgment and reality.

That’s called gaslighting. It’s controlling and abusive.
Mary Ollie
Bonners Ferry

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