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Two wings on the same bird

April 23, 2022

By Mike Weland, Publisher

Those of the far right failed in insurrection yet have with great success subverted the grand old Republican Party to the point it is not recognizable anymore, and nigh bereft of the ideals for which it once stood so proudly.

Give them fools credit. They have legitimized easily refuted lies and wrongly undermined, without proof, trust in our elections.

They neither care for nor grasp the concept of constitutional rights or responsible governance. Their grasp of the constitution assumes that "We the people" refers to them and theirs rather than the ideal irrefutably established in the Declaration of Independence, that all are created equal, all equally endowed by our creator with common rights.

Their definition of "conservative" more closely aligns with Hitler's National Socialist German Workers' Party ... not conservative, not socialist.

That is not a liberal idea, nor a conservative idea. It is an irrefutable truth, inalienable. Any who claim moral superiority are un-American, anti-constitution ... selfish. Our differences are our strength.

As Trump said, some might be good people, but they point fingers and lay blame yet offer no credible solution. They lay blame without giving answers.

Donald Trump, Janice McGeachin, Scott Herndon, Todd Engel. Fioravanti, Durst, Giddings and more would impose their mores as right on any who disagree.

I'm a newcomer here, only 31 years in Bonners Ferry, but I remember those of my party I looked up to who affirmed my conviction as a life-long Republican; Phil Batt, Shawn Keough, George Eskridge, John Campbell, Merle Dinning, Lon Woodbury, Darrell Kerby, Harold Sims*, Linda Alt.

And I looked up to and admired many of the Democrats I came to know; Larry Echo Hawk, Larry LaRocco, Dick and Elsie Hollenbeck, Mick Mellett, Jan Studer, my good friend Tom Ulappa, Greg Johnson.

We are two wings on the same bird. We are neighbors, not enemies. I was born in Germany. I remember the graves of those who died to stay the hand of the stupid. It is scary to think how close a self-righteous idiot like Adolph Hitler came to imposing his malignant will on the world.

It's even more scary to know that so many, including the former president of the United States, would embrace such an outlandish idea today.

If we, the rational, sit complacent, they win. If they win, it will take blood to convince them we won't back down, that we won't stand for fascism now any less than our Greatest Generation did just 82 years ago.

* I have been informed that Harold Sims was a staunch Democrat. I had no idea, as he worked so seamlessly with so many staunch Republicans. My apologies for the error.

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Mike Weland, Publisher

6931 Main St.
P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
(208) 295-1016

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