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Logical for RCC to vet candidates in primary

April 25, 2022

Recently Lester Pinkerton wrote that County Republican Central Committees ought not recommend some candidates over others in the Republican primary. Lester then admitted that it is okay if those same central committees to endorse, financially support and aid the Republicans who win the primary to win the general election in November.

And in fact that is what most central committees and the Idaho State Republican Party do.

Consider then that in many of our races, no Democrats are filed to run in the November general election. Up here, it is generally understood that the Democrats can't win in November since the political ideology of our voters lean Republican. The Democrats have all but given up on the general election.

Instead, they change their party affiliation and pick or run their horses in the Republican primary. This year, in all of District 1's State legislative races the primary is the only election since the general election is uncontested.

Therefore, since the Democrats use the Republican primary as the general election, it is vitally important that the County Republican Central Committees engage in their full electoral persuasion during the Republican primary.

It is the primary election where the Democratic ideology needs to be vetted and weeded out of the Republican primary. It is entirely logical then for the County Republican Central Committees to engage in primary candidate vetting, recommendations and active voter outreach to promote the conservative slate that supports the Republican Party principles and platform.

Until other parties become competitive, if we don’t do this, there is no practical point to having a Republican party, a Republican party platform, nor a Republican County Central Committee.
Scott Herndon
Chair, Bonner County Republican Central Committee

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