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Keep our good and faithful public servant

April 27, 2022

Commissioner Dan Dinning
We are writing to voice our support to re-elect Dan Dinning for County Commissioner, District 3. After 20 years of service, it may seem like it’s time for change as sometimes longevity can create complacency; this is definitely not the case with Dan Dinning as our County Commissioner. Simply put, it would take another 20 years or more for someone else to gain the knowledge, create the networks and make the difference that Dan makes every day on behalf of Boundary County citizens.

For those concerned with the county using federal funding, please do your research. Whether we like it or not, Boundary County does, indeed, rely on federal funds and has been doing so for many years.

Boundary County is nearly 75-perrcent state and federally owned and relies on Secure Rural Schools (SRS), and Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) among other funding resources. If not for federal funding, our roads, schools, law enforcement, emergency responders and county government would be significantly underfunded.

Dan Dinning works hard on behalf of his constituents and strives to ensure Boundary County is well represented. Both past and current participation on numerous boards and committees include the Idaho Association of Counties legislative committee and Idaho Counties Risk Management Program Governing Board, both of which represent the five northern counties.

With Dan at the helm and a part of many local, state and federal boards and committees, I trust that our county will always have a place at the table when it comes to planning and economic development, threatened and endangered species, Idaho Roadless Rule, Natural Resource Litigation, the Kootenai River watershed, fish and wildlife and the Idaho Panhandle National Forest.

He ensures that our voice from the northernmost county in Idaho is heard. And he constantly advocates for the Boundary County way of life and for the means to improve it.

As a lifelong resident, we can think of very few people who have their finger on the pulse of our county more than Dan. He is familiar with every county road, stream and trail and continually strives to know the science behind the natural resource issues including wildland fires, stream temperatures and native species in our national forests. It takes years to gain the knowledge and gather the network of people who can help make Boundary County the best it can be, which Dan has definitely accomplished.

Dan is a friend to both the recreationalist and the conservation-minded (you can be both!). He co-chairs a local natural resource collaborative, the Kootenai Valley Resource Initiative, and helps to bring federal dollars to the Kootenai Valley and lower Moyie watershed, which in turn improves forest health and creates jobs. He advocates for more timber dollars and economic stability, working to keep our mills in operation.

From the hallways of the local Restorium to the upper lakes of Roman Nose, Dan Dinning is Boundary County’s most well-versed elected official. If we lose him, we will be losing years of experience, knowledge and networking.

We are at a crossroads, experiencing what seemingly uncontrolled growth can do to a small town. Let’s allow Dan to continue the good work he is doing to help our county adapt to the inevitable growth and infrastructure needs that must accompany an increase in population. Dan is acutely aware of the issues, in all aspects, from our strengths to our vulnerabilities. And his awareness comes from living in and serving this community for a lifetime.

We ask you, the voter, to keep him in office.
Mitch and Rhonda Vogl
Bonners Ferry

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Mike Weland, Publisher

6931 Main St.
P.O. Box 1625
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
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