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Danger in the primary

April 28, 2022

What a sad and destructive situation that is occurring with our electoral system when a senatorial hopeful can slander, denigrate and lie about a sitting conservative, Republican Senator. Jim Woodward has been a thoughtful and intelligent Senator whose actions and service have been only what is best for Bonner and Boundary counties and the state of Idaho.

To call him a RINO and liberal could not be further from the truth. If a candidate will use these tactics before the election, how can we trust them if they get to Boise? Out of state money is obviously supporting these far-right candidates. Radical politics, whether right or left, have no place in Idaho.

Do your homework and fact check the accusations presented in the flyers we are receiving in the mail, and you will see what is happening; a vast, organized effort to change Idaho. We love freedom in Idaho, but freedom is not a license to slander and lie about an opponent in order to win a primary election or general election.

Dave Wattenbarger, Ken Irons and Ron Smith
All of Bonners Ferry

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