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Appears someone's lying

May 4, 2022

I read with dismay the letter of April 28 by a trio from Bonners Ferry. The trio claimed that Scott Herndon lied about Jim Woodward; that Jim Woodward is a conservative and that claims against him are funded by out of state money. Yet, all of the claims by the three letter writers are demonstrably false.

The claims made by Herndon are based on Woodward’s own voting record found on legislature.idaho.gov.
  1) Jim joined the Democrats to block a ban of biological males in girls’ sports – it was House Bill 500 in 2020.
  2) Jim joined the Democrats to attempt to require private insurance companies to provide 12 months of birth control to policyholders (Senate Bill 1098 in 2021).
  3) Woodward supported Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates (Senate Bill 1381 in 2022), and
  4) Woodward blocked a parental rights bill in the Senate Education committee that would have granted parents more control over whether their kids receive homosexuality, gender identity and eroticism instruction in Sex Ed (House Bill 249 in 2021). The bill passed the House and was killed in the Woodward’s Senate Ed committee (see the minutes of the April 7, 2021 meeting).

There are many more such liberal votes of Jim Woodward documented on Herndon’s website with links to the Idaho legislature’s website for the original sources. Woodward’s voting record is quite liberal in that he votes with Democrats on many progressive social and fiscal issues. Jim may be a nice guy, but his voting records is way out of sync with conservative values.

Finally, Herndon’s money does not come from out-of-state. Visit sunshine.sos.idaho.gov and you’ll see donations almost exclusively from hundreds of citizens right here in Idaho. The three writers accused Herndon of lying without evidence. It appears someone is lying, but it isn’t Scott.
Dean Cannon

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