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Supports Sauter for House seat

May 4, 2022

I had the opportunity to attend the Reader’s Candidate Forum for District 1 Senate and House Race on Tuesday May 3. The race that interests me most is for the open seat for the House of Representatives, Seat A. The candidate who was able to separate himself from the rest was Mark Sauter.

Mark answered crowd generated questions ranging from labor shortages to federal government over-reach to critical race theory with thoughtful and intelligent remarks. Mark was able to provide specific examples of what he plans to do when elected to the position.

While describing his policies he was able to boast his conservative values through example rather than bluster. For example, regarding Federal government over-reach, Mark was the first candidate to discuss how the state may be in a better position to utilize Federal lands.

Regarding CRT he was the only candidate who was able to accurately speak about it while noting the conversations he had with educators. Finally the most enlightening remark he made was in response to the labor shortage we have in the district. Mark was able to connect the dots between education, housing and employment in a straight forward way.

Mark Sauter will represent District 1, Seat A responsibly, honestly, kindly and intelligently as a traditional conservative Republican. Please vote for Mark Sauter.
Bob Presta

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