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Time to change county leadership

May 10, 2022

Is this a junkyard? According to your Boundary County Commissioners this is not a junkyard. To them, these aren't even pictures of a junkyard. To us, the neighbors who must live next to this, it most certainly is a junkyard. If it looks like one, smells like one, sounds like one, and conducts business like one, then it must be one. So why is it in an agricultural area?

The properties in this part of Boundary County are all zoned agricultural/forest. Just a few years ago there was nothing here but nice private residences and farmland. This mess came from outsiders who brought a commercial business with them after being kicked out of the area they were from. All of the land around this site is still clean, rural land, much the way it always was.

Commercial junkyards have been prohibited in agricultural areas for years. Non-commercial junkyards and even excess storage of materials is prohibited within 500 feet of a residence. All of this is spelled out clearly in the current zoning ordinances. Boundary County could easily declare this an illegal operation and have it removed.

The County Commissioners have the final ruling over land use and planning and they are well aware of this problem. Why are they protecting this junkyard owner against the complaints of a dozen neighbors in the area?

Boundary County has a comprehensive development plan that states that development is to be done with regard to the character of an area. In other words, done with some planning and with the needs of the residents in mind. It is obvious that the current commissioners of Boundary County do not care about the interests of the people who live here and are not qualified to do anything resembling community planning or development.

What are you going to do when outsiders move a disaster like this next to you?

If you are concerned about property rights, ask yourself an honest question: Do you want to live next to this? Would you buy the piece of property right next to this? Would you pay full market price for it? If you do, contact me, as I have neighbors with land to sell.

You could just accept the risk that this will someday ruin your neighborhood. You can continue to put up with the cronyism and incompetence of your current county government. Or, maybe you could get involved. It is election season, after all.

There are alternative candidates to vote for in this upcoming primary race for county commissioners. It is time for a change.
John Poland

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